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Birhane Tsigab,former central committee member, reveals TPLF (and EPRDF’s) internal political problems, Must Watch

August 12, 2019

Birhane Tsigab, although a latecomer, has served as a central committee member of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), and as a member of the ruling coalition’s (Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front -EPRDF) council for about five years. It has been one year since he quit his membership to Tigray People’s Liberation Front(TPLF).

In an interview with Benegerachin Lay show regarding his book”(Ye ihadeg yequlkulet guzo), he reveals about key TPLF leaders including Aboy Sebhat, one of the founders of the ethnic Tigray organization in the late 70’s.

The book talks about political decay within the ruling coalition and the struggle from within, among other things.

The writer, Birhane Tsigab, does not liberate himself as free from the problems that the party brought to the country. But his intention is, as he says, to save the country from the impending danger. He encouraged leaders of the ruling coalition to pause and think about the fate of the country rather than pursuing their ego. The writer also said that the reception for his book is very positive.

Watch the three parts interview below :

Part I Part II
Part III

Video: embedded from the Arts World TV YouTube channel
Cover photo: screenshot from the video

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  1. I’m amazed by writing n publishing the unfounded account of history asserting that the contemporary 9 regional states of FDRE is exactly the structure Italian facist colonial government designed during 5 years of occupation of our country!!!


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