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“The nine ethnic-based regions are modeled after Fascist Italy’s administration during the five years occupation of Ethiopia” Tuat Paul Choi

August 9, 2019

Tuat Paul Choi is chairman of Ethiopian unity patriot Front. He has been in the opposition for many decades now.

In an interview with Andafta Media, he reminds Ethiopians that the nine ethnic-based regions that constitute the Federal government of Ethiopia are organized based on Fascist Italy’s model of administration during the five years of occupation in the late 1930s and early ’40s.

Take a listen to the interview.

Video: embedded from Andafta Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Subject: “The nine ethnic-based regions are modeled after Fascist Italy’s administration during the five years occupation of Ethiopia” Tuat Paul Choi , borkena ; August 9, 2019

    Dear Editor,
    Please be patient with me. I have so much (so harsh) to say. If I am out of ‘editorial’ bound, needless to say, I would honour your consequential action without qualm. So, here I go!

    Commentary based on Confession
    I DID NOT learn Ethiopian History in Ethiopian Schools, as it should have been taught in detail !!!! After all, Ethiopia has always been free [at least on the surface) from colonial influence, as it should have been as an ancient independent country in Africa. But, sadly, the education system in Ethiopia was tailored according to the Western Civilization. It was a respectable name for COLONIALISM in its ingenious mode of operation to MENTALY colonise the entire Continent of Africa. It is a FACT, that cannot be denied. It was the most successful Western colonial venture upon Africa. Let us admit, we were deliberately taught the European History more than our own History. If I am wrong, I may have been dozing in my entire elementary, secondary school classes pertaining to Ethiopian history and culture, with all the unbelievable consequences!!!

    Anyway, the education system [under the guidance of the indigenous Ministry of Education] lead to the insidious INFERIORITY complex, thus arresting the mentality of the African child, tuned as subservient to the European culture, custom, communication, history, etc. Thus, the Africans were hypnotised to emulate the European way of Life in totality. A typical example of this phenomenon is as follows [frivolous as it may seem]: An African Intellectual, a graduate of Western University with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) Degree would find it necessary [to the point of being obligatory] to be different and attire his neck with a colourful piece of strip of cloth (60 inches = 130 cm in length), thus deriving the ultimate pride of emulating the master who enslaved him!!! It is unbelievably effective phenomenon of arresting the MIND – an eternal proof by which the total submission of Africans to the European way of Life to the end. Let us take another example.

    The Organization of African Unity (OAU), which [after exhaustive ‘intellectual’ discussion] became African Union (AU), was established fifty-six years ago. It has fifty-five MEMBERS of African States – presumably, free and independent. The aim of the Organization was for the advancement of Africa and supposedly for the benefit of the poor African People. Without mincing words, Africa in the 21st Century is still the poorest and backward Continent on the surface of the Earth – with its indigenous leaders as the most corrupt dictators and filthy rich. So, what was the achievement of the African Union for the benefit of the African population? To be honest: NOTHING. THAT IS OUR AFRICA : a) A source of abundant natural resources for outside forces; b) a source of personal wealth for individual indigenous dictators; and c) earthly hell for 99.9% of indigenous African population.

    Back to the basis of the News Item – Subject Matter: Whether or not African States are shredded into various anthropological entities, and all sorts of divisions, DOES NOT matter at all. Africa has reached a point where, as far as the down trodden, poorest, honest, 99.9% of the African population are concerned AFRICA can be governed by ANY ENTITY around the Globe – and will NOT be worst off than what they have now under their corrupt Brethren dictators and self-appointed leaders for Life. In the end, colonialism, with its age-old ambition to emaciate Africa out of its natural richness, came to the cruel reality >>> the cooperation of indigenous African dictators for the crucifixion of AFRICA. ‘CRY, MY BELOVED AFRICA’: Alan Paiton


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