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Gunmen killed at least 7 civilians in Ethiopia’s west Hararghe region

West Hararghe region _ Ethiopia _ gunmen
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August 8, 2019

At least seven people were killed and three others injured in West Hararge zone of Oromo regional state of Ethiopia, according to Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) report on Thursday which cited Oromia regional state communications affairs office. 

It is unclear if the condition of those who are injured is life-threatening.

The security incident happened in Bordede district Gumbi kebele Gimjabet the report added.

The motive of the gunmen is unclear at this writing. What is known so far is that unidentified armed men opened fire on civilians and claimed lives.

Also, it is known that members of the Ethiopians Defense Force and the Federal police are mobilized and deployed to the region. 

Oromo regional state vowed, “it will take legal measures against those who perpetrated the attack.”

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  1. Bordode? It is the area not too far from where I was born. Bordode is also known by the railway station name Arbaa(Harbaa) not too far Awash station on the old Chemin De Fer railway line. It was also linked to Galamso by a dilapidated road built by the Italians. I don’t wish this savage cruelty on anyone but I hope it does not have any ethnicity in nature. Oh My Goodness!!! Woe!!! Woe!!! Woe My Beloved People and Country!!!


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