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Possibility of third party intervention in Ethio-Eritrean peace deal

August 7, 2019

The writer, Melaku Tsegaw, says although the current state of Ethio-Eritrea relation is good, as claimed by the leadership of both countries, there are still issues that need clarification.

Road map for the next step is unclear, according to the writer. However, both countries have disclosed recently that they are working on detailed implementation agreements and that they will establish a joint committee to oversee the agreements.

In terms of third party intervention, apart from the involvement of Gulf countries, the writer sees the Russian presence in Eritrea’s military posture and in the region’s geopolitics.

Take a listen from the audio file below (in Amharic).

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  1. If this Non – substantial ” gossip” is really some kind of information, the writer must be western oriented, when such a piece of text is non-evidential. As for Russians, our government has good look and established a solid friendship with the government of Russia in terms of numerous development. With it’s higher quality of respect for the world, Russian government would never meddle into any nation’s affairs as that of others do. Dear Mr. anonymous writer, please don’t put your crapolas regarding such a sensitive issue that you don’t have a bit concept about.

  2. Ethiopia and Eritrea don’t need third party anymore,they will be just fine if others let these brotherly nations alone to sort out things between them.

  3. I opened this news to make sure who or which news agency it is!?
    I see it BORKENA! It is I never won’t open it again kebatari….

  4. Ethiopias have to step aside from Eritrea related issues, Badme, Assab, Redsea is part of Eritrean territory and the fate of Eritrean soil and water is only to be decided by Eritreans, not even by Dictator Isayas!


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