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Tigray says 16 victims from latest Mediterranean sea boat accident are from Irob

It is now confirmed that 16 of the victims from the latest Mediterannean sea boat accident are Ethiopians. Tigray regional state has disclosed that they were from Irob district of the region

Photo credit: Fana Broadcasting

August 6, 2019

16 of the victims of a boat accident on July 25, which claimed well over 100 migrants, are from Irob, Tigray region of Ethiopia.

According to Fana Broadcasting Corporation report, which cited a statement from Tigray region’s government communications office, said that ten of the victims were women.

Eritreans and Sudanese were among the 145 survivors from the accident

Parents and families of the victims are apparently informed about the deaths of their loved ones.  

The region expressed its condolences to the families and relatives of the victims. 

The statement from the region has also confirmed that all of the victims are from Irob district, which in the eastern part of the region also shares a border with Eritrea.

People in Irob district are believed to be in the neighborhood of over 100,000 and they have their own distinct language which is Irob.

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  1. Let us imagine how much they suffered in the sea before they die ,it is very sad & heartbreaking

    ethiopian government should do something to end such kind of tragedy !!
    Let’s pray to the all victims and their families


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