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Two Federal Police officers reportedly killed at statistic agency in Addis Ababa

One of the Federal police killed in the incident is a commander

Federal Police headquarter, Addis Ababa
Federal Police headquarter, Addis Ababa

August 6, 2019

Two federal police officers, including a commander, are reportedly killed in the premise of Central Statistics Agency in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa on Monday around noon. 

According to sources in social media, the police officers who were posted in the agency as guards got into an altercation on the unspecified issue and one of the officers opened fire on his colleagues including his commander. 

Dawit Endashaw, a journalist with The Ethiopian Reporter, wrote on his personal Facebook page : 

As per official at the federal police commission and an eye witness, one fed police officer and his commander were shoot [shot]and killed by their fellow policeman in Addis Ababa today, around12pm.The incident happened inside #CentralStatisticsAgency’s premises.The shooter is now under arrest. The shooter who was a guard (member of fed police) at the Agency got into an argument with his commander when he was told that he will be assigned to another place which led to a confrontation and end up in killing his two colleagues.

Aaron Maasho, a journalist who works for Reuters. also wrote about the incident on his personal twitter page. 

He tweeted “Shooting inside Ethiopia Central Statistics Agency compound. Two federal police members guarding tablets for census got into a fight before one shot the other.” 

Ethiopian state media has not reported about the incident at this writing, and it remains unclear as to where the officer, who was involved in the killing, was transferred to and why he resisted it to the extent of exchanging fire with his colleagues killing two of them. 

In June of 2019, Ethiopia has disclosed that the national population and housing census is postponed, which is for a second time.

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