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Professor Ezekiel Gebissa interview with Simeneh Bayfers of Walta TV

August 2, 2019

Ezekiel Gebissa used to be a professor at Kettering University in the United States.

After Abiy Ahmed assumed the office of Prime Ministership, Ezekiel returned to Ethiopia and is given tenure at Addis Ababa University as a history professor, in the Ethiopian capital

In terms of political views, many describe him, perhaps rightly, as an ardent champion of radical Oromo ethnic nationalism and his remarks are usually charges with his political convictions.

His latest interview with Walta TV triggered outrage, perhaps as intended, among many Ethiopians.

The interview is shared below.

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  1. How can this guy talk about Ethiopian politics when he has no clue of Emperor Menilik who descended from centuries of the Monarchy rules who ruled for thousands of years. Emperor Minilik who is famous for the victory of Adwa against Italy is well known all over the world.

    So this guy got undeserving attention when he should never have been given the chance to talk.
    Please bring bright and intelligent people who know and will not say I don’t know about the history of Ethiopian governments.

    The only one he knows is the Oromo murderer coward Mengistu who was forced to flee out of the palace in Addis Ababa.

  2. Ezekiel is insulting Oromos.

    This man calls himself as Humans right defender and Historian but I found him to be neither. He never utter a word when Gedeos humans right was violated by Jawar extreme Oromo Muslims and many humans right violations were committed against non-Oromo people. Being humans right defender means not choosing side.

    And now he is astonishing us by saying he is a historian that does not know the history of Ethiopia and one of the greatest king of Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!! What an oxymoron. Ezekeil and History!!! He is a student of hate and greed!!!!


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