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PM Abiy Ahmed press conference with local journalist – Part I and Part II

August 1, 2019

Prime Minister Abiy had a press conference with local journalists.

The state of relations among members parties of the ruling coalition, decline of public confidence on prime minister Abiy Ahmed (which he dismissed as incorrect), the June 22 incident which government calls “coup d’etat”, the next general election, the situation in Sidama, and the issue of rule of law in the country were among the questions posed to the PM.

Watch part I and Part II of the interview below.

Part I
part II

Video: embedded from Fana Television YouTube channel
Cover photo: screenshot from video

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  1. I’m not surprised at all. I concur on the allegations that those who used to be among us and others who used to scavenge in Asmara, Cairo and other joints might have and will try something stupid like this. It was in Amhara capital then and he should expect similar right inside his backyard, Addis/Finfine and Oromia. He has those who were having fits to yank away Oromia right in his nose. They even had taken to the bushes with deadly weapons to make that a reality. They used to educate us about their ingenuity in applying spotless tactics and strategies. Their battlefield exploits were unmatched even by Napoleon and Ike’s standards. They were blinding us with one military communiqué after another that they never lost a single battle, not one. If we put together the weapons they captured it should be enough to arm every soldier in the US armed forces. The ‘enemy’ soldiers they captured between 1993-2018? They let me run out of numbers on that one!!!! 1, 999,999,999,999,999, phew…. I ran out of numbers and breath. When they marched ‘victorious’ into Addis/Finfine on that ‘memorable’ day in September, 2018 I was expecting them to bring those prisoners along. And also all those big guns they had captured from the ‘enemy’. It is natural for them, sir. They have to do something to prove that they are still manly!!!! ‘Liberating’ is still in their blood. That being their ultimate strategy but they are now in their tactic mode. Or mood!!!!


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