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Ethiopian Military veterans say they have formed 53 branches in, outside of the country

July 31, 2019

Ethiopian military veterans who were dissolved as “Derg soldiers” when Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took power in 1991 under the guise of TPLF, are now recognized as “former Ethiopian Defense forces.”

They say, currently they have more than one million members in and outside of Ethiopia with 53 branches. Watch the interview below with Andafta Media.

Video: embedded from Andafta Media
Cover photo: screenshot from a video

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  1. We say NO, NEVER to Dergis.

    They have created immense tragic and misery on the people of Ethiopia. They are the main cause bad governance that changed and distributed tranquility and rule of Law. Lawlessness, stealing, grabbing and snatching property by Derg thievery thugs from hard working people was Derg’s regime style of ruling.

    The proud moment of Derg slaughterers on the daily hour was announcing the barbaric mass killings of innocent lives only because either they were educated, wealthy or against ignorant Military.

    Amahras and Tigres were the targets of Dergis for the massacre. All the war and market bombings were conducted in Gonder, Wello, Gojjam and Tigray. That is why some Oromos like this blood and money thirsty coward murderer Mengistu who ran away instead of standing with his own soldier to defend Ethiopia.

    When that coward had all the advantages to guard AA, capture every at disadvantaged gaunt, dirty, unclothed, miserable Woyane rebels he hid from his own soldier and run to Zimbabwe hoping he will be awarded with $35 million for the abandoning and betraying Ethiopia and the soldiers.

  2. I like and agree with the principle of the former (the X) ethiopian ruling party the so called DERG which is ONE-NATION ONE-ETHIOPIA but which isn’t happened because of only very few highly ranking military officials , members & politician were dedicated & loyal for that golden principle whereas most of highly ranked military officials, members & politician were unprofessional,selfish & corrupted that is why DERG is defeated like Goliad. Long history ……..
    but l’m so glad and thankful that prime minister Abiy Ahmed shows his willingness what a sympathy
    Peace and prosperity for mother land Ethiopia


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