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Amhara regional council approved Temesgen Tiruneh as president of the region

New president Temesgen Tiruneh told Amhara council that he will resist negative and politically charged narratives against Amhara which are resulting in widespread killings and displacements

Temesgen Tiruneh _ new Amhara region president
Temesgen Tiruneh taking oath of office as president of Amhara region before the region’s council. Photo credit : FBC

July 22, 2019

Temesgen Tiruneh took an oath on Monday as the new president of Amhara regional state after the region’s council approved the nomination from the central committee of Amhara Democratic Party (ADP). 

Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) report said that there was no divergence in the council regarding the appointment and no vote was administered to determine his appointment.

Temesgen Tiruneh has a military background in the Ethiopian Defense Force. He has also served in a senior position in the Ethiopian intelligence.

In his latest role in the Federal government, he served as National Security Advisor of Prime Minister Aby Ahmed. 

President of Amhara region, Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen, along with two senior regional state officials, was killed on June 22, only four months into his presidency, while in a meeting in his own office in Bahir Dar, the seat of Amhara regional state.  Federal and regional government authorities called the incident a ” coup d’etat” organized by the region’s peace and security head, General Asaminew Tsige, who was reportedly killed on June 23 in Zenzelma, in the outskirts of Bahir Dar.

In his speech after the appointment, Temesgen recalled that the June 22 incident was foiled with sacrifice from the people and security forces. He also said that support and recognition will be given, in accordance with the law, to those who paid the sacrifice to reverse the attack. 

“When I accept the appointment, I cast aside personal gains and honor and will work for the dignity of the people,” Temesgen said in his speech in the council. 

AMMA quoted the new president of the region as saying, “There is no form of sacrifice that will not pay so as to resist challenges from old opponents and new hopefuls and protect Amhara People existence,” during his speech in the region’s council.

As well, the new president of the region identified his priorities in his speech.  Lasting peace, reversing vengeful killings and displacement of people, seem to be among his priorities based on his speech. 

The new president also noted in his speech the role of negative and politically charged narratives that have been used for decades against Amhara people in creating fertile ground for prevalent crimes in different parts of the country and an attack against Amhara People. 

Expanding investment in the region is another priority area that the regional government will focus on, according to the new president, as reported by AMMA. 

He did not ignore the boundary and identity question issue. In that regard, he expressed his readiness to resolve them in cooperation with relevant bodies.

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  1. The new leader seems to have accepted the government line about the fake coup. It is sad. It is clear that ADP along with federal government has a hand in the massacre. opdo has taken over this organisation. there was never a coup. it is a massacre against the amhara.
    ADP has been a slave and messenger boy of TPLF , now it has a new master opdo

  2. ANDM changed name to ADP but it still remains the same party that has been instrumental in the persecution of the amhara. Persecution still continues under the watchful eye of ANDM/ADP
    – ANDM still retains the flag tplf created for the organisation when tplf created the ORGANISATION in their own image.
    – ANDM still holds the amhara people as a ransom under a ‘constitution’ IN which amhara has no part in preparing. they keep telling us that all issues affecting the amhara will be solved by using the ‘constitution’, LAUGHABLE.

  3. e teret abat meretu desyilal

    andagelun enji ferahugn

    semonun andi amara gudegnaye caze siyasgeba Gen. Asaninew tsige agote new ale woyane mereten kemagn betesebochen gedele be beraziml adrige atlanta gebahun zil case meserete

    tiru neger new aydel jirafe rasun gerfo rasu yichohal endilu yeteret abatoch mesemayim bemidirm, behagere wustim bewuchum, begetinet yinoralu

  4. The problem with ADP or any group of EPRDF is that they have to stand with what ever Abiy or ODP said. If they are not inline with Abiy they will never accepted to be part of EPRDF. No one has Independence mind or voice……period!

    This is not how EPRDF is founded and formed by Meles/Woyane. And this applies to ADP as well!! They are simple rubber stamps of Abiy/ODP. That is why we see everyone raises his/her hand for anything and everything Abiy or Meles asked and agrees with what ever Abiy comes up with. No one dares or have the guts to disagree with the PM because the consequence will be disappearance from the face of the earth!!

    After Abiy become the PK the only one that does not follow the rule is the creator of EPRDF itself, Woyane.

    ADP is not going to fight for the safety and rights of Amharas. It is simply the cover of Abiy/ODP enabler and contributor to Amharas misery.

    Therefore it is very crucial to abolish and dump EPRDF and replace it with a democratic system where every individual voice is heard and respected without harassment and intimidation. The issue is not only with Amharas but also with other ethnic groups that are suffering under Abiy/ODP/OLF/Jawar misrule and abuse of power.


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