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Arrest as supporters and opponents of Abiy Ahmed clash in Washington DC

July 18, 2019

About a year ago, all was well as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited three cities in the United States for the sole purpose of meeting with Ethiopians. His presence was a unifying factor.  Ethiopians with different political convictions came together to meet with Abiy Ahmed as there was a very high regard for him.

Over the course of the year after his visit, opinion about Abiy Ahmed is divided on political grounds. The hope was that he will unite Ethiopia and bring about peace, security and unity. Against the anticipation of Ethiopians, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration proved to be either incapable or unwilling to achieve those ideals. 

Over three million Ethiopians were displaced locally due to ethnic based violence and security problem has become prevalent across Ethiopia, even in the capital Addis Ababa which is known as Africa’s city of diplomats. 

Furthermore, there is now a growing skepticism that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration is serving the causes of radical Oromo nationalists at the expense of the rest of Ethiopians.  In fact, there have been hundreds of arrests in the country mostly targeting ethnic Amhara’s after the June 22 incident in Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa which the Ethiopian government describe as “a coup d’etat.” 

At least two senior security officials are arrested in Amhara region ( colonel Alebel Amare and Brigadier General Tefera Mamo).  Hundreds of members of one of the newest Ethiopian opposition groups, National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) are arrested. Members of the Baladera Council of Addis Ababa who are advocating for the city demanding an elected administration for the city, rather than a political appointee, are arrested. 

The development has highly alarmed most Ethiopians that the government of Abiy Ahmed has a goal along the line of advancing radical oromo nationalism in the arrest.

The opposition in the diaspora could be seen in the above context. Today, those who oppose Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ( some of the figures were ardent supporters about a year ago) protested in Washington against his administration. But there were also those who support his administration (some of them were hoisting radical Oromo nationalist – Oromo Liberation Front – flags). In the ensuing hours, there was a clash between the two groups and police in Washington has made an arrest, as seen in the video below.  We will update readers as more information becomes available.  

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  1. This just makes my heart bleed in utter sorrow. It saddens me because we who are supposed to be well educated and exposed to democracy that shows us how far tolerance go have not taken in such blessed attitude toward each other. After more than 45 years of trash talking to each other and reckless name calling we are still in the same rotten mud!!! In the meantime, those poor Oromo and Amhara farmers are still going about tending to their farms together. They are raising their families together. But We, us, the worst kind of human refuse are getting high from calling each other derogatory names that those noble farmers in the Chercher highland will never allow in their midst. You must be ashamed of yourselves. I go as far as saying I wish you were not even born. You are a disgrace to those dignified people who produced us all. You are a disgraced of the colored!!! You are a disgrace to humanity!!!

    Some of you who claim to be Amharas are as of late trying to justify the killings of regional officials and two other government officials in the capital in front of the daughter of one of the victims. That was carried by none other than cold blooded thugs just because they had this runaway hatred toward the victims. That is nothing but a heinous crime only frequented by demonic terrorists. You should be ashamed of yourselves for condoning this un-Ethiopian(un-Amhara) savage act.

    Those of you who claim to be Oromos who are having a fit to call every living, breathing and protesting Amhara a racist or a ‘neftegna’ you should also be ashamed of yourselves. You should know better that such reckless and bigoted name calling is the one that led to the massacre of those innocent peasants in Bedeno and other areas in the 1990’s. You are doing this just because you have been ravaged by this bug of yanking a territory from harmonious neighbors to call it your personal fiefdom. You are showing yourself as the worst bigots that ever crawled on this good earth. You must be ashamed of yourself. I wish you were not even born. That fantasy of a fiefdom is gonna remain just as such, a pipe dream, the story in the Wiz of Oz. You are being taken for a long ride by smart alecks in your midst, who are devoid of self respect by being busy scavenging at the dumpsites in Asmara until September 2018. In your and my name, I may add.

    Now this is for the dear editors of this websites. My previous plea to you and your colleagues still stands. You must not allow bigots to have an easy walk in the park on this waterhole. You owe it to those noble people we all left behind. These bigots are spewing lethal poison from their comfy homes here in the USA and the rest of the Western world. They don’t give a damn if that old country, that gem of the colored goes up in flames. I don’t have to tell you this because they themselves had said it already that unless their objectives are met they don’t give a flying tickling if the whole country goes up in flames. You Amhara this, you Oromo that, you Tigre this and you whoever you are that. That has been the romance of the day, every day for these hate mongering demons. I hold you in the name of our forefathers who shed their Allah created blood so we can live in peace and harmony. We should remember that one day we will all stand in front of The Almighty Our Creator answer for our actions, every one of them!!!

  2. What a balanced view with facts on what “Ethiopiawinet” means to those diverse and dignified people of Ethiopia ! May God shower the writer with His boundless blessings !

  3. This shows why ethiopia can never be a united country, and it should have never been a country in the first place. maybe there is a small chance that Abesynians aka the habesha can make a small country on their own but not the rest. Me being a somali descent never had a chance to live free in this so called Ethiopia. For over many decades there have only been two habesha ethnicities that have been a power hungry and marginalized the rest. Ogaden will be free and its not far.

  4. Dear Brothers and Sisters

    people engaged action they always justify themelves as if they are going against enemies of God. That why they claim TPLF adheres 666 and calling other opponents as satans etc

    We should stop insulting eachother. It is a nonesene act. If someone insults my tribe I have a lot to say about Amahara and Oromos because I perfectly know these tribes very well being born and growing there .

    For your surprise, Mahibre Kidusan and some priests themselves are spreading hate , division among tribes. I am telling you from my own experience .

    So, please stop it. We know we have limited resources on earth esp in our country but let us say it is enough for us if we embrace and decide to live peacefully with Grace and providence of God.

    Thank you

  5. This is what makes TPLF happy.
    Congrats to you dumb ‘activists’ who came out to support Abiy a year ago but now can’t stand to see his face. There has never been a better leader for Ethiopia in the last 40 years.
    He worked for freedom in the country and this is what he gets.
    I am not a supporter of any ethnicity but one Ethiopiawinet.

  6. Just a decade ago there were only 66 billions of Birrs worth cash that were printed By EPRDF, now a decade later there are said to be 789 billions of birrs that are printed by EPRDF.

    The cash printed by EPRDF got 11 folds higher in just a decade .
    Diasporas dollar is the only thing that will finish the GERD DAM CONSTRUCTION.

  7. This unlawful ugly and violent OLF supporter behavior has come out for the world to see. One year ago all those useless, demoralized, dead and charred hooligans were picked from Somalia grave to fill Woyanes prison until Abiy pulled them out to see Addis Abeba that they never new before.

    Abiy was given so many chances but time and time again his action is very divisive, deceitful and evil. He has lost all of his ardent supporters that he had a year ago. Like the saying goes, Abiy is as the wild or venomous animal that can never be domesticated!!!

    It is an evidence that Abiy is serving the causes of radical extremist Oromo nationalists at the expense of Amharas and the rest of Ethiopians. The reason for his going back to Eritrea is also suspicious and sinister for Amharas rather than extending peace between the two countries.

    Amharas should never listen or wait for Abiy to protect or upheld the rule of law. Every Amhara should stand on guard ready to protect each other from Abiy’s Jawar/OLF Oromo criminals. Because he himself is taking orders from the radical Muslim Jawar Mohamed and OLF lazy thugs who want to swallow every property Ethiopians worked for.

  8. Now Tegaru need to establish our own election board institution that will immediately hold a referendum for Tigrai’s secession from Ethiopia .

    If we wait for the Federal government’s election board to hold Tigrai’s referendum , Tegaru is bound to suffer for many many years to come until the Federal government holds our referendum .
    Tigrai cannot wait !

  9. It was said this recent fight was part of the ongoing fight between two rival Ethiopian gangs that had a long unfinished grudges and quarell that lasted months without being resolved plus Washingtonn DC’s weather was too hot, 95 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity which got the woman to loose her cool and be quick to engage in physical altercation when she saw the rival gang member, medical records confirmed she was severly dehydrated at the time of her arrest .

  10. We Ethiopians of the middle class should Not allow extremists to take government post in anyway. PM Abiy released from prison the former brigadier general Asamnew from prison who had been in jail for years. His post was reinstated and took his position. However the man tried to stab the PM at the back. How on earth could this happen? The problem is that many people try to tell us conspiracy theories about the event.


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