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Security operation near Bahir Dar, North Western Ethiopia, claimed lives

Citizen report with links in Bahir Dar says four militia members deployed to capture a criminal are killed.

Bahir Dar City - Ethiopia
Bahir Dar City – Ethiopia

July 14, 2019

There was an exchange of fire in the morning of Sunday, in Bahir Dar, the seat of Amhara regional state in North Western Ethiopia reported DW Amharic citing eyewitnesses in the city. 

Security forces were involved in the exchange of fire in the locality known as Abay Mado.

Based on the eyewitness account from the city, who spoke to DW Amharic reporter – Alemnew Mekonen, security forces opened fire in Abay Mado to capture ” a suspected bandit” in the region.

The suspect and an unspecified number of security forces are killed during what looked like a security operation, according to DW report. 

The region’s police commissioner, Abere Adamu, said “he was in a meeting and did not get a report regarding the situation,” as reported by DW Amharic, in a way confirming that the incident happened. 

On the other hand, activists on social media who seem to have a connection in the city reported that there was an exchange of fire in Zenzelma Kebele of Bahir Dar area due to an operation to capture a suspect. According to this account, four members of Militia deployed to capture the suspect, including head of Abay Mado Militia office, are killed. 

Leader of the June 22 incident which government described as “coup d’etat”, Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige, was reportedly killed in this area of Bahir dar in the days following the killings of the region’s president, his adviser and the region’s attorney general. 

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  1. Imprisoning suspects in inhumane way leaves other suspects no choice but to not give themselves up.
    The stinky , cold , coffin sized hail cells are making all suspects resort to violence rather than giving themselves up peacefully.
    The jihadists Oromo hegemony is driving the country into all-out chaos. Thursday July 18 all region’s in Ethiopia are ready to revolt against the jihadists Oromo hegemony militaries.

  2. Abiy’s governement of the infantile OLF and its almost beast-like conduct leaves, just one option- that is countering their blatant aggression, with matching resistance.
    OLF men are liars and opportunists without any moral compass. Even those who have had the privilege of good education remain, the same old primitive beings.

    Their sense of inferiority is justified. They are utterly incapable of transcending from their stunning backwardness.
    What else can explain their marvelled stupidity than accusing Menelik, dead over a century ago for injustices which the OLF itself manufactured, while seemingly allying with TPLF which despises the Oromos as non-humans.

    The OLF men including their born-again man of God, Abiy is a criminal, who will one day be tried for the heinious crimes they have committed in the name of Oromos.
    The Oromo youth, have been misled and miseducated by OLF for years by being fed lies about Amaras. Time will tell whether unjustly.maligned Amaras will tolerate them any longer.


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