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Ethiopian Community at Kakuma refugee camp faced security problem this week, life claimed

Members of the Ethiopian community at Kakuma Refugee Camp experienced a recurring security problem this week

Ethiopian Refugees Community Center _ Kakuma _ Kenya
Photo source : VOA Amharic

July 12, 2019

Security Problem in the Ethiopian Community at Kakuma Refugee Camp, in Northern Kenya, reportedly claimed lives.

Members of the Ethiopian refugee community in Kakuma who spoke to VOA Amharic on an anonymous basis said that armed group from nearby Kakuma I launched an attack on the community.

This week on Wednesday evening, an armed group from near Kakuma I broke into refuges house and opened fire on family members wounding a husband, a wife, and their child, according to VOA Amharic report.  And the mother died on Thursday morning, apparently from her wound.

The identity of the victim is not disclosed.

On Thursday, another security incident unfolded in Kakuma III where Ethiopian community members were organizing a burial for a deceased member of the community when an armed group opened fire on people who were organizing the funeral, wounding two people, and the funeral had to be canceled.

Although Kenyan Police did try to reverse the attacks, it was unable to do so.

An Ethiopian community member who spoke to VOA on anonymous basis also said that there has been a security problem between Monday and Thursday of this week.

On Wednesday, members of the Ethiopian Refugee Community clashed with the locals as they were protesting security problem.

UNHCR spokesperson has confirmed to VOA Amharic that there have been security problems in the camp this week.  

Kenya had experiences of deadly inter-communal clashes in the recent past.

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