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Amhara Democratic Party Central Committee meeting on Saturday

Amhara Democratic Party kicks off central committee meeting. Agenda undisclosed but there is an anticipation of appointments for party and regional government positions, including new president of the regional state

Amhara Democratic Party _ Ethiopia
Amhara Democratic Party Executive Committee Members. Photo credit: AMMA

July 12, 2019

Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) Central Committee is meeting starting Saturday in Bahir Dar, the seat of the regional state in North Western Ethiopia, reported Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) on Friday.

As to how long the meeting will last and what the agenda is for the meeting is undisclosed at this time.

ADP has lost four central committee members in connection with what the Regional and the Federal governments described as an “attempted coup d’état” on June 22 in Bahir Dar; three of them were also executive committee members of the party with senior regional government roles including president of the region.

And there is speculation that filling vacant administrative and party positions of ADP could be the main agenda for the central committee meeting which kicks off on Saturday.  If that is the case, chances are the person who would fill the position of slain president of the region, Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen, who would also be serving as vice-chair of the party could be known in a matter of days.

The Executive Committee of the Party had an emergency meeting on Thursday and issued a statement which is highly rated not just by supporters of the party but also by politicized Ethiopians who used to be a staunch critic of the party.

The statement was meant to be a response to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) statement which wanted ADP to take responsibility for the killing of Ethiopian Chief of Staff, General Seare Mekonnen, and demand an apology from the Ethiopian people.

ADP said in its statement yesterday that TPLF’s accusation is meant for covering up for years of crimes. It also accused TPLF of being responsible for violence and conflict in the regions adjoining Amhara and Tigray regional states.

There are concerns that the ward of words between ADP and TPLF could put the ruling coalition, EPRDF, in jeopardy, and even lead to civil war. 

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  1. This is ye amhara teretateret , fabricated by amhara civil service graduates who are suffering from Schizophrenia. Thanks to TPLF many vagabond amharas are able to go to school. I know many amharas who cannot even able to write a thesis by themselves and claim they hold PHD and masters.

    They call themselves the most educated tribe in Ethiopia; From what I know as a kid Oromos are highly educated and talented in academic sphere but not in spreading lies and outcry like Amhara did and continues to do .
    Oroma region Assela and other provinces like Bale and othersare the ones

    supporting the pillars and feeding countries. Look at what Oromia regions brought to the market and service the country’s interest.

    Amharas land were stricken by drought and many gojames are crowding merkat being beggars and robbers in gojam berenda.

    Amhara has a history of killings and robbery. Amhara led regime , derge, was even known for blasphemy, denying GOd; But Amhara tries to demonized TPLF as a follower of 666 which is untrue.

    During Derge regime , amhara elites like melaku tefera and others were serial killers insulting every nonamhara and to go to church was forbidden.

    They insult Ethiopian Orthodox priests as memire abidela

    Theere many insults and denigrading rematks against the church.

    Amahra kills many poor people and bury them inside the house hoping to get rich as many superstitious amhara magicians tell to their clients. Amahra is not religious but selling religious artifacts and sacred items to get rich instantly.

    Amhara is a follower of culte and superstition. Amhara is ganen gotach , calling and speaking with evil spirits and zars .

    Amhara is like a cat eating the body of its master, untrustworthy.

    • Thanks Meron.
      Yes we Amharas also protected the highlands of Ethiopia from foreign invasions. You would be speaking some foreign language with a name like Fatima right now.

  2. The Amara region’s security chief with full force must assist the Benishangul Gumuz region now , just so more refugee crisis and displacements do not happen in the Benishangul Gumuz region, which will be an irreversible migration for most.

  3. Than’s meron
    Insulting 30miloion people like that, why? what poor Amhara people has done to you? You should be ashemed with your comment, if you have nothing to say fo jo say it.

  4. Abehsa first
    haha amhara likes insulting people hoping to hurt feelings of its oppenents

    i already know you super idiots

    you are braying as though you are turned into old donkey and farting nonstop

    Abesha first what is wrong to speak a foreign language and to be muslim . I suppose it is better to be muslim than being pagan superstious amhara killing innocents hoping to hold power. you remind me those poor creatures killd by amharas and buried in the garden because amhara belives dead bodies and sacrificing human blood brings wealth. Ask those who have griding mills in amhara region and those who sell tabot to get rich.

    your acts, killings and terrorist character exposed to teh world on june 24, and words are making you look ridiculous!

  5. @Meron!Please don’t make to down the people of Amhara to your level. One can easily understand your immaturity by your looking your comment. Who are the most benefited from Civil service?For whom it serves?You have to see the education statistics before EPRDF came to power. Education by itself doesnot mean graduating from institutions,it must be holistic . Knowledge with out attitude change is valueless. Your negative attitude eminates from your inferiority. So, I do not blame you because of your bad attitude insteade I encourage you to read more and more. Reading helps you to look inward than outwards. Then you will adjust yourself in the right direction. Untill that please control your temper.

  6. writing some thing is as simple as drinking water with out any difficulty. But what matters is that internalizing what you write and the message what it is behind. Those who love their country and people never blame partialy one ethnic group because blaming one is blaming yourself.All are responsible for the wrong doing by some one else. Every body should take a responsibility for the wrong doing in every corner of the the country. Plese think over before writing some thing. Do your best for eternal peace. Don’t be partial.

    • I don’t care about any political party’s ideology wether wright or wrong. It is upto them. No political party is the shafer of his its respective ethinic group. They may shout on behalfe of the pepole which they govern around. It is their manifest function. When one investigate thier function on the sociological point of view their latent function dominate over the manofest function of their ideology. We have to investigate wisely their latent function with emperical and objective investigation to safeguard the hole people in our country from the game of durty politics.

  7. eden she-donkey!

    atela give it a rest please!

    amara erudites and hardliners like you are narrowminded. you metetamoch go and ask your idiolator priests who told you descended from heavenly angels. Amhara belives in such nasty story.


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