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Eskinder Nega sends message to radical ethno-nationalists who think that “it is their turn”

July 10, 2019

Video below is part I of the interview

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  1. What is the purpose of this interview…what is it that you’re accomplishing? You don’t need to utter every event and incident. The country is in dire need of every basic necessities such as food, education healthcare, clean water. So all this chatter serves none of the above. Please exercise patience and silence, and help the leader of the country.

  2. I beg you… Mr. Eskinder, Sir, please change your discourse…and embrace the change underway wholeheartedly by at least exercising patience. Perhaps, because you command a huge number of followers, try to focus your attention to deeds and not only words. At this time in our country’s history, we all should contribute towards building and rebuilding what was lost.. Let’s be practical. The small farmer is not interested in politics. He is interested in what and how to feed his family or educate his children. So you can organize for example a book drive to build a library for the children somewhere in Arba Minch or Harrar or Dembi Dolo or wherever…and will be named, Eskinder Nega Library. Dwelling on what happened, who said what or who killed who is nothing short of fanning the flame of negativity, fear and suspicion.

    We’re poor, we’ve been beggars. We all remember, ‘We’re the World…” charity song to raise fund to feed us. So do we need to talk politics? NO! We’re still poor…please see the link below.

  3. Mr. Eskinder is a well versed person in every steps of democracy. There is a huge difference in knowing and understanding the meaning and practicing of democracy between Mr. Eskinder and Dr. Abiy. Dr. Abiy has never seen, lived and practiced democracy in his life. All his experience comes from working with Woyane. He thinks only taking about democracy will make him as a democratic leader. It is also true for millions of Ethiopians who have been living for 40+ years of tyranny and corruptions to have no clue the whole meaning of democracy.

    If Dr. Abiy was smart man who wants to embrace democracy he should have worked with Mr. Eskinder and carefully go through the steps instead of jumping to roll back to dictatorship and repressions. Today we have so many people with the title of “Doctor” in Ethiopia that have never gone through the educational processes bu. It is all bought and some with basket weaving courses that never deserve the title or degree of “Doctorate”. e.g Aba Dula, and the rest of EPRDF members

    What change? There is no change of policy. The government is selectively and indiscriminately arresting thousands of Amhara people in one day without any evidence of crime. That itself violates his own promise of looking for evidence of crime after the arrest which is totally a tyrannical and total dictatorship practice.
    Why don’t you fight for the voiceless and injustice? It is simply unacceptable to say let’s embrace the change and Abiy unless you are a beneficiary of ODP when Abiy is abusing and violating humans/Amhara’s right.


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