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Ethiopian gov’t arrested wife of alleged coup leader

Wife of Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige is in police custody, police in Burayu, town in Oromo regional state has confirmed.

Asaminew Tsige _ Wife
The late Brig. General Asaminew Tsige

July 5, 2019

Wife of alleged “coup” leader is arrested, BBC reported on Friday citing daughter of the late Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige, Mahlet Asaminew.

Police arrested Woizero Desta Assefa in Burayu, in the outskirts of the capital Addis Ababa.

The brother of the late Asaminew Tsige, who is not identified by name, is missing and his whereabouts are not known to the family and he did not even attend his brother’s funeral in Lalibela, according to Mahlet Asaminew who spoke to BBC Amharic.

Burayu town police confirmed to BBC Amharic Service that Woizero Desta Assefa is in police custody and that her arrest is related to “coup” in Bahir Dar in the seat of Amhara regional state on June 22.

The town’s head of security and administration, Solomon Tadesse, said that she was arrested in accordance with the law and that she is arrested as part of the investigation into the alleged coup as police seek to gather relevant information, based on BBC Amharic report.

Mahlet, daughter, told BBC Amharic that police took her mother from home which is located in the locality of Ashewa Meda, Burayu town, as reported by BBC Amharic.

Woizero Desta was arrested on Thursday. She was first taken to a police station near Ashwamedha but Mahlet was told that her mother is not at the police station when she went to visit on Friday in the morning. However, Burayu police claim that Woizero Desta is still in Burayu police station.

As the family was in Lalibela, the birthplace of General Asaminew Tsige, for a funeral, police already searched Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige’s home in Burayu and seized a vehicle, a laptop, and additional evidence, Mahlet Asaminew told BBC Amharic and police has confirmed.

 Police also came to the residence the next day.

Ethiopian government accuses the late Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige, who was head of Amhara region peace and security, as coordinator of “coup” against Amhara regional state on June 22 of this year which led to the killings of the region’s president, Ambachew Mekonnen, his advisor Ezez Wasse, and the region’s attorney general, Migbaru Kebede.

Three hours after the killings of three of Amhara region’s leaders in Bahir Dar, Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, General Seare Mekonnen was killed in his residence while “coordinating a military response to the coup,” as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government claimed.  His friend Brigadier General Gezai Abera, who was visiting General Seare at the time, was also killed.

The Ethiopian government has linked the killing of chief of staff with the alleged coup attempt. When Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appeared in parliament this week, he told the parliament that there were other attempts to but they are not made public yet.

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  1. It is sad news to hear a mother taken to custody because of the ongoing political upheavals!

    It is difficult to take side just because he or she is amhara or she belongs to his family. Amhara or other tribes members they take side to a certain political party or organization just for the sake of monetary benefits or other reasons. They donot take other circumstances into account. I guess, there are people living around who leak out or spill the beans circling within the family mebers itself.
    We ethiopians we will never grow as long as we come to terms to eliminate this socially domineering evil act. Tribalism willnot take us anywhere except bloodshed and genocide.

    I love the culture in Oromia, Amhara , Gurague Wolyta and other tribes which I failed to list them here . Unity is that makes us strong and take pride on our excellence and history.

    I call myslef Ethiopian . But not Amhara or Oromo or Tigray or any other revered Ethiopic tribe .

  2. Tigaru now identify Amara as the ones that brought illness , famine , war , wicked religion cultures and lies on themselves for decades from now on.

    The future is full of misery for Amara, all tigaru can do for Amara from now on is to sit back and watch them suffer while they pay for their Amara hodam nature’s as seen in 2018 2019 zefen eskista with ABIY .

    Amara live for food alcohol zefen and eskista which led them into a future of misery and sorrow for decades from now on , if not for centuries from now on.

    Eskista zefen silu ke Abiy gar Abiy did penetrate them from behind like a biach, Abiy did chase the Derg soldiers out as a teenager fighting for EPRDF.Now Abiy is not chasing them, he got them right where he wanted them, under his feet penetrating their behind turn by turn.

  3. Now, this could be taken as an overreach by the regime unless it tells everyone the reason for the arrest. The regime shares some of the blames for such sad incidence. That is because its security apparatus was catching some zs on the job being caught up in the otherwise good intention of ‘getting together’ call being lauded by the young PM. But after this so obvious dysfunctional performance I was befuddled to hear that its boss was bestowed a promotion. I didn’t get it but that is my personal opinion. That is one of the ineptness many among us question and even disqualify the federal system that has been in place in that country for almost three decades now.

    So, what is the reason behind the arrest of this mother? She should be released immediately and the government can have provisions in place so she will be available for further questioning as and when needed. Once again, why is she in prison? List of charges please!!!!

    This arrest is now being used by bigots as an ethnic card from the bottom of the deck


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