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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy talked about ‘coup’ in his parliamentary speech

_ Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed described the recent crisis in the country as “attempt to wrest power by force”
_”Election only to come to power”

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed _ parliament . Photo : ENA
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Photo : ENA

July 1, 2019

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appeared in the Ethiopian parliament on Monday in the morning to present his performance report on the closing Ethiopian fiscal year.

His appearance came in the wake of a tragic incident in Bahir Dar which left three top leaders of the party governing the region, Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), died on June 22, 2019. Three hours later, Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, General Seare Mekonnen was killed in his residence in the capital Addis Ababa, along with his close friend retired General Gezai Abera. 

As reported since the incident, the Ethiopian government called the Bahir Dar attack “cop d’état” and the death of the Chief of Staff was also linked to the alleged coup d’état.

As anticipated, PM Abiy talked about the incident in his parliamentary appearance. On the one hand, the prime minister described it as “attempt to wrest power” through the use of delegated government authority. On the other hand, he said that a body is formed to investigate the matter while work is underway to hold those responsible accountable. 

“It is important to note that the only way to come to power in Ethiopia hereafter is through an election,” the prime minister added in a way emphasizing his point that the incident in Bahir Dar was an attempt to take power by force. The problem was created by those who “benefited from the reform measure,” and it is sad that it took away the lives of those who struggled for the reform, he added. 

There were attempts directed at other Federal institution but he declined to give details except saying they will be public in the future .

As much as there are groups and individuals who subscribe to the government narrative surrounding the Bahir Dar incident there are also those groups who are skeptical about government on the issue of the alleged coup d’état, among other things.  For the skeptics, the killings of senior government officials in Bahir Dar and the Chief of Staff on the same day is a plot by PM Abiy Ahmed’s ethnic Oromo party (Oromo Democratic Party).

Apart from the incident, PM Abiy also talked about a range of reform measures taken in the ending fiscal year in the institutions of security and intelligence, courts, elections board, federal police, and prison administration, among others. 

He also talked about the situation of displaced people. According to his presentation, 94 percent of internally displaced people returned to their homes. Government has been working to hold those who are responsible for displacing people accountable and that it will continue to do so. Over three million people were internally displaced due to ethnic-based violence in different parts of the country.

Along the line of enforcing the rule of law in the country, he provided statistics on the number of arrested people; 48 arrested members of “terror group”, 799 leaders and law enforcement bodies and 34 Bank and EthioTelecom employees are held accountable – according to PM Abiy Ahmed.  Detail of what “terror group” he was referring to is rather left unspecified.

In terms of foreign relations, he said that Ethiopia has developed a good relationship with its neighbors. “Ethiopia believes that the peace of its neighbors amounts to her own peace. Accordingly, Ethiopia will continue to work on strengthening relations with all its neighbors,” he added. 

In the realm of the economy, the government sees a nine percent growth in the fiscal year to come.

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  1. I am sot sure if you can call this killing spree a coup.

    For lack of life in a society where the rights of the common man/woman has been respected continuously, say for at least a generation, we have been left but to make up and live with ‘uplifting’ myths. We create heroes just as a psychological remuneration for the injustice we have been subjected to. I will give you an example. I was in the former British Protectorate of Aden when the late Emperor’s own bodyguards tried to overthrow him. I remember how I was awakened by my adoptee Hadrami uncle to tell me my ‘cousin(Ibna Ammuk)’ was suddenly gone like King Farouq of Egypt. I did not know what to make of it. But it was over as quickly as it started. I found out(BBC Arabic and Al-Qahirah) that the rebels had murdered many high officials of the late Emperor when they opposed the idea of the coup. All of the rebels of the coup were rounded up or killed including the leader. Please do not call me Emperor Selassie hugger now but he did not just send the leader to the gallows. The record shows that Mengistu was put on trial and sentenced to death even though it was portrayed as a show trial. Am I wrong? The demonic Mengistu didn’t show an iota of such process in court for all of his victims. The leaders of the regime that followed him did not show anything that they were men of law. Again, I will give you an example. I heard that it was able to capture those who conducted the massacre of innocent peasant farmers in Bedeno and its surroundings in 1992. It must have taken them to some joint and shoot them without due process. They disappeared in thin air. Please hold on to this story for me. I will come back to it later.

    Now we read a story that the killer of those state officials in Amhara region was apprehended while trying to elude the police in a three wheel taxi and killed. The questions I immediately raised were: Was he killed in the exchange of fire with police? The vehicle he was hitching a ride was not the 1965 Ford GT40 and it is one of the slowest vehicles on the road. Did the police try to surround him and wait or at least using their sharpshooter render him unconscious to capture him alive? It seemed he had a second thought about taking his own life after he realized that his killing did not cut the mustard for him. His demise in such ways the details of which is only known to the officials has opened the door for many to spin it into creating a dangerous environment. Now some of you may say ‘Ittu, why do you care about a criminal?’ To me a human life is the most sacred creation of The Almighty Our Creator. We have no right to just sniff it away. No sir!!! Was there even a warrant to arrest him? I am asking all these questions because I am led to believe, after all the reforms put in place since April 2018, that things will not be done the ‘usual’ ways as in the ‘good ole days’.

    Mengistu’s killings were rendered a thorough opacity and we were left only to laud the action that took a crack at overthrowing the ‘archaic’ ruler. His summary execution of 13 high level officials was completely glossed over even by those who were highly read men of law. I remember how a book written by a certain foreigner with ulterior motives was the most sought after by leaders and members of the student unions here in the USA and Europe, I myself was given a mission by friends who hail from the Western Hararghe region to find the book and send them. The author was the one Richard Greenfield. I had read the book and it tells the story of the coup in detail. It kept me wondering who could it be that moron who spilled the beans to that foreigner in such a detailed manner. That catapulted Mengistu into a cult and a hero figure. Those he summarily executed were not even mentioned at all.

    When the other Mengistu summarily executed 60 officials in 1974 I remember reading the story on major US newspapers and watching it all on major TV evening news. Many of those among us had applauded the massacre with the very few condemning it. Others told me it was a quarrel among the ‘neftegnas’ and I’ve no business in it. Then I found out thru my relatives that there several Oromos among them. Those victims were rarely mentioned in magazines and pamphlets of the opposition in the decades to come. What I found out about many of those victims thru my wara Chercher friend that they had fought fascist Italian forces tooth and nail when they occupied the country by force in the 1930’s. They were the ones who tied up more than 200,000 ruthless fascist soldiers and kept them busy until the Allied forces arrived in 1941. Mind you and just imagine if those 200,000 well trained and armed soldiers were free to join Rommel in the North African theater. Just think about that!!! But that demonic Mengistu took them out and mowed them down like they were predatory animals that just mauled people. His predecessor Mengistu had also killed similar patriots including the one and only Abebe bin Aregay who was the leader of the patriots and Mussolini’s nightmare. In both cases the crime committed was glossed over and thrown by the way side.

    We like myths and get high by them. Those savage murderers of innocent peasants in Bedeno had disappaeared without a trace after being captured by the late PM security forces. Now ‘liberation’ front leaders have brought them up by asking questions. They were labeled martyrs and the story of those they murdered has been glossed over. When the leader of a ‘liberation’ front was asking the whereabouts of his disappeared members it includes those savages too. In a sense he has a case. As a government, the primary objective should be to capture such criminals alive so they can face justice in a court of law. The same extrajudicial killings were carried out on the captured members of EPRP. We will never know how it took place. At least the demonic Mengistu had left a trail of paperwork that tells how the massacre was decided and carried out.

    That is why I ask the question in what circumstances was this general killed. For the sake of stability of the old country and peace/security for the common man/woman it should be investigated by an independent body. Otherwise, as we see it here it is going to be another fodder for spreading hatred by one brother over the other. One cardinal truth we should never remember that we are extremely fortunate that we live in safe places thousands of miles away from the old country. It is a blessing that we should never turn into it a curse for that poor farmer and urban dweller who toil day and night just to make ends meet. We should stop hurling derogatory utterances from our comfy homes at others just because they have said something we don’t like. In the meantime, we can tell that some of you who engaged in such vile behavior are not even the stakeholders of the old country. Your main objective since the late 1960’s has been to send that gem of the colored asunder so you can come in and loot at will when nobody is watching. I know you how you work since the 1960’s. Stay within your boundary and stay busy tending your own affairs. You have too much on your plate already and the old country will never go asunder. Mark my word, NEVER!!!!!!

  2. We love you Ahmed A.
    good message to the agressive amhara vagabonds who want to come to power through bloodshed and genocide .

    letb them buried by thier dead fans

  3. I am also on the side that action to make everything transparent and clear for the people to make their own mind is needed from the government. Good intentions talk is not enough and also Melese was good at it as well. What are the real circumstances that did end on the killing of the Amhara leaders and the general that supposedly did take the fatal action. If they were lined up in their political positions on how to defend their ethnic group rights who were the ones in the other side of the spectrum including both internally in Amhara region as well in national level. Why the internet was shut down for several days before the incident and again right before the incident? Did the national security forces sided with one faction of the internal struggle in the Amhara region? Did they have information to stop the killing earlier? We’re they part of the show off?. Things that go that precipated amount to this kind of scenarios and I independent investigation is needed? Because the government says these and that is difficult to swallow as absolut truth specially when the General was complaining about few days before about both unknown heavely armed aggression in North Shows, Kemisie and other areas of the region he was keeping as security chief. He also was complaining for the same events which the region had its own subjects wasv over rulled by appointing federal investigators close to ODP.. So how can people be naive about all these circumstances? Let’s be clear the Abiy government brought openesss to Ethiopiia but that was not a privilege for Ethiopian people but their right. And when you see how hard the federal government was handling the complaints of the general even comparing him to Getachew Assefa (There are several demozing information about the General including burning mother’s and childs which does not stand yet) he never acted on Getachew Assefa. If the General was that cruel why then the current and the dead Amhara leaders stood by his side untill the incident day? Does that even make sense to disassociate from him just the next day?. This government that oversold it’s openess is not transparent. Thiings go plasters in Getache Assefa and let him go even they know where he is at. No Justice and compensation committee have been established for the victims of the last 27 plus years. Because they now their power structure need still those that can be accused of human right abuses for past crime. It is just a emanicipation please do not do.kore evil in the future. Perhaps that is what was making the General sick. The government itself was never got elected but in sham election as well plus you have a variety of ethnic and power grab agendas with ethnic groups or else. So how people can even have the ethical and moral ground to judge one side or the other without complete and independent verification?

  4. EPLF SHABIYA waited 30+ years before Eritrea got independent, TPLF also is waiting 45 + years for Tigrai’s independence, so I assume ADDIS ABABA LIBERATION FRONT (AALF) got at least three to four more years from now before the referendum for Addis Ababa’s freedom will be held.



    Until then we need to make sure the new Addis Ababa cleaning project do not clean the ADDIS ABABA’S residents out of the city. Most military analysts agree that this new Addis Ababa’s cleaning project is nothingelse but preparation for war by Abiy, that is why we should resist this strategic intelligence gathering as PM Abiy is preparing for war against people of Addis Ababa . Abiy in public told Eskinder Nega Oromo’s intentions to take Addis Ababa with force, with war between Team Lemma and Addis Ababa residents being in the making. The current mass arrests in Addis Ababa is another example of the existence of the aparthied system of EPRDF.

    Let us not forget TPLF’S Liwache Liwache spies that were sent through towns and cities of Ethiopia pretending to be exchanging used clothes for household items but while actually the LIWACHE LIWACHE were TPLF military strategists studying logistics of the cities and towns ahead of time before TPLF starts it’s attacks to take over the cities and towns.



  6. This is just to take a break from what has been immersing us in pitched up emotion and be on the lighter side for a change(moment).

    Did you have a chance to watch the Women’s World Cup semifinal game between England and Good Ole USA? What a game that was!!!! Whoever wins the other semifinal game tomorrow, the final is going to be one of the best matches. The Dutch play very good so are the Germans. I like to see USA going against The Netherlands for the cup. That will be an exciting game. Let’s root for Alex and company in the finals on Sunday July 7.
    I hope to see more and more of young girls getting into playing soccer beginning at an early age. I think, with the proper coaching, encouraging and support they could be a force to reckon with.

    In the meantime, I have read about our own tournament is taking place in Atlanta. I wish you all dear countrymen fun and success. I also wish the organizers success. It is just too far and would be to taxing for this septuagenarian to attend. I would appreciate it if someone leads me to a link where I can watch the show/tournament with my family and my granddaughter too.

    Ok, just to lighten things up a little bit.

  7. Ittu Aba Farda

    are you telling us your favoirite game and team here while people are dying and suffering locked behind bars ????

    Farda you are funny and too little to discuss the problem fo erthiopia in this platform.

    thank you tomorrow you will tell us what you enjoy in one of bars based in Atlanta

    funny citizen

  8. Ittu Aba Farda is by far if it is the same person always the one who have provided the most constructive and independent comments I have seen in these forums. When he writes he does it from heart and soul and always keeping the respect for others and their human rights. You do find few gifted people that do this kind of independent observer not influenced by emotions. If you comb his past writing you will find how just and to the point are. So when he did hte break to invite anyone to see the game I do believe was genuine offering to everyone.

  9. Dear Atitegeb,

    May The Lord Bless You & Your Family!!!

    What is going in the old country has never disturbed and scared me like now. I feel helpless!!! I go down on my knees when I wake up and many times a day praying for the divine intervention and avert the mother of all bloodshed and destruction hovering over that pride of the colored and humanity.

    Dear Sir!

    I needed something to take my mind off this grinding anxiety. I tried reading novels but no good. I tried watching classic and contemporary movies from my collection, not good either!!! Then I stumbled upon this competition live on TV and it seemed to provide temporary relief and help calm my glittery nerve. Then I decided to share my experience with my dearest countrymen/women. What else can I do? I tried pleading and begging every one of us to be united in the effort to bring that old country from the brink. I have admonished these demonic bigots who are hard at work spreading their destructive poison among us here and in the old country.


    It is an extremely dangerous time over there. Thanks to heartless arms smugglers the country is awash with AK47’s and even more deadly guns. It seems everyone is armed to the teeth with triggers cocked ready to go off at a moments notice. This is an environment where these evil bigots are rampaging. I am worried and so nervous about the safety of those glorious people who produced us all. You think close to 3 million internally displaced we hear now over there is too many but wait until you see the entire 100 million of them on the move!!!!

    I am trying to calm me down, sir!!!!

  10. The killings were very, very sad indeed! A child witnessing her dad being savagely gunned down right there at their residence? I don’t know how someone is going to come out of the shock of this magnitude. There is no question about it. This is another episode where one young countryman so aroused and angered as a consequence of persistent poisonous diatribes by beyond-repair bigots goes out in a shooting rampage. Such senseless crime should not happen again. Three other countrymen in the Amhara regions were also victims of someone blinded by uncontrolled anger as a consequence of similar and usually exaggerated claims by those blinded by bigotry. Nobody should be proud of this or justifies it. It is another savage crime. You can see such mad bigots everywhere. I don’t see many that extreme on this website but you can see them everywhere else. It seems that they were able to own many other websites. You see them how they use pejorative terms and phrases to address ethnic groups. ‘You Amhara this, you Oromo that, you Tigre this and you whatever you are that’!!! They hand them out to you like candies. When I read the filthy words they use to call others they don’t like, I begin to have questions about them if they are the products of those glorious and so-cultured people I know. I understand the objective of website editors/owners. In this Alexa rating world, sustaining commercials do not come knocking on the door if the hits are so low. The thought process could be the more outrageous and controversial comments and articles posted on a given website the more hits it generates. Just like in the good ole days(to some extents still holds true) that at trade shows the more traffic to your booth the better chance to go back to your factory with a bundle of new orders. But in this case widgets and nifty products are not for sale but sales of poisonous and destructive diatribes are allowed to go rampant. Many of these bigots are well read individuals. All I can say to them is ‘Shame on you. I wish you were not even born’.
    I am not talking about those who criticize the current regime or its leaders. Once you are holding the mantle of the regime, you are fair game. There should not be anyone deemed untouchable. I have the right, everyone who is part of the stake holding group of people including those of us in the Diaspora have the right to put the feet of the leader and his/her officials to the fire peacefully and in civil/constructive manner, when fallacy is seen or detected. That is part of a healthy life in democratic governance. In such environment a leader and his/he administration will not pick one over the other. If I, as an Oromo, call for or promises violence during gatherings of my supporters, should be summoned by the law enforcement or the FBI of that country explain what I meant by that. I should also be reminded that there is a just law that prohibits violence and be warned for that. Otherwise failure to do so will open the door for bigots and they will spin it until it reaches at fever pitch. Then it only takes one, the one who does not possess the intellectual horse power or the naturally given sophistication to look thru what the bigots are spinning to death for him to go out on murderous spree.

    That is when I came back to a desperate call I made to the leaders of the two major religions here among us in USA, Europe and Oceania. You should pass a common(united) edict condemning such behavior by bigots and should never allow them to use your podium to spew their lethal poison among your herds. For that old country, that gem of the colored, that place deified by both religions, the country and the only one that showed the world the two giant religions can live in peace side by side. No one should tell me about it. No foreigner should lecture me about it. I had seen and lived it myself. My father, uncles, kin and kits were tilling the same land with their Christian neighbors. I had seen them harvesting the bumper crop of their grinding effort together. I had seen them praising the lord together for his blessing. What more do we need to prove that? That is what bigots of our time trying to send it asunder. There should be a sense of urgency to stem this scourge seen feeding on the raw emotion and susceptible minds of the young generation. That country was given all the chances it can get and this is it. The violence these bigots are spawning will only beget violence and violence has proved to us all that it will only be used to change faces with the mantle on the top. Dear religious leaders! You are the last chance and it is all in your hands!!! These bigots are not men/women of The Almighty Our Creator!!! They have turned into unrepentant demons!!! They sit here in their comfy homes and dispense poisonous pills to the gullible among your flock. They should be expurgated from your houses of worship and be made irrelevant. That is how America was able to triumph over the evil bigots and still does that. Because of these bigots it feels like there are fewer devils left in hell now than before. You should be united and condemned them. A house of worship with fewer prayers is so right comparing to the one full of and dominated by hate mongers. Again, this is it for the old country!!! Every one of us should unite in preventing the worst. The barbarians are at the gate salivating at the possibilities of its demise. Mankind CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE THAT HOLY PLACE!!!!


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