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Cohen remark and the alleged coup

In view of a politically dangerous remark in connection with recent political development in Ethiopia, there is a view that Ethiopian government should demand explanation from Mr. Herman Cohen.

Herman Cohen _ Ethiopia
Mr. Herman Cohen

June 29, 2019

On June 24, 2019, Former US assistant secretary of state Mr. Herman Cohen took Ethiopian government’s claim of coup d’etat a step further when he tweeted “Failed coup in #Ethiopia‘s Amhara state was an attempt by ethnic nationalists to restore Amhara hegemony over all of Ethiopia that existed for several centuries prior to 1991. That dream is now permanently dead.”

Obviously, his remark has angered Ethiopians from different walks of life in the country or abroad.

Former ESAT journalists raise an important point in the video below. They point out that his remark should not just be taken as an individual’s remark. Ethiopian government should demand explanation for his remark.

As well, the journalists raised numerous points that need to be considered to understand the alleged coup which took place in Bahir Dar in the evening of June 22,2019.

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Video : embedded from Ethio360 YouTube channel
Cover photo : Screenshot from video

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  1. Fact is Mengistu Hailemariam was from the tribe of KONSO , as Hailemriam Desalegn was also from the tribe of KONSO as the next leader after Abiy most likely will also be from the tribe of Konso.

    We Konso people are paying too many sacrifices since we are determined to fulfill not only our dream but also our obligation of leading Ethiopia.


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