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ADP office head Yohannes Buayalew : Amhara does not have leadership sterility

June 29,2019

In an interview with Amhara Mass Media Agency, ADP office head, Yohannes Buayalew, reflects on the recent political development in the region and in the country.

While admitting the killings of ADP leadership a great loss for the party and the people, he asserts that Amhara people does not have leadership sterility.

Meanwhile, he, like the Federal government and most of ADP leaders, described the incident of June 22, 2019 as “coup d’ etat”

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  1. Mistake has been done releasing General Asaminew & reinstate his rank without conducting a psychiatric evaluation of his mental state was a big mistake & PM Abiy has to take responsibility for the wrong call. We can still find out The truth about general mental state from behind bars cellmates. Meanwhile Amhara leaders should work in defusing the hateful message አብን members spreading thrugh social media . Time for ADP to drop their diffrence and work for the same cause peace is everything if we don’t fight those who try to divide our ranks from within then prepare for the worst .
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