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Ethiopia appointed new Chief of Staff for Defense Force, new Intelligence Director

General Adem Mohammed is appointed as the new chief of staff for the Ethiopian Defense Force. His current position as Director of Intelligence is filled with Demelash Gebremichael. Let. General Molla Hailemariam is the new commander for ground force of the Ethiopian Defense Force.

Ethiopian new chief of Staff  - General Adem Mohammed , Ground force head Let. General Molla Hailemariam
General Adem Mohammed (left) and Let. General Molla Hailemariam (right). Photo : FBC

June 28, 2019
Updated on June 28, 2019 10:56 Toronto Time

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appointed New Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, reported state-affiliated broadcaster, Fana Broadcasting Corporation on Tuesday. 

General Adem Mohammed is picked to lead the Defense Force. In June 2018, he was appointed as the new Director-General to Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service(NISS).  Before his last role, he had served in the role of head of the Ethiopian Air Force.  

His appointment came in just a week after the revered former Chief of Staff, General Seare Mekonnen, was assassinated in the capital Addis Ababa in his residence while he was in the middle of “organizing a response” to what the Ethiopian government calls “attempted coup d’etat” in Bahir Dar, capital of Amhara regional state.  The Ethiopian government has linked the assassination of the Chief of Staff on June 22, 2019, with the alleged coup d’etat. According to the government narrative, he was killed by his own bodyguard whom the government identified on Monday as Private Mesafint Tigabu. 

In his role as Director of NISS, General Adem Mohammed was preoccupied in reforming the institution in a way to make it politically neutral and open for citizens on the basis of merit and competence. 

Abiy appointed Demelash Gebremichael as the new Director of NISS. He was serving as Deputy Director of NISS. Before that he has served as Security Chief of Oromo regional state and as internal Security adviser of the Federal Police commission. Also, he has served as central committee of what is now Oromo Democratic Party (formerly known as OPDO).
It is unclear if will carry on the task of reforming the institution, or will come up with new priorities in view of existing prevalent security problems in the country. 

PM Abiy Ahmed also made two other appointments. Lieutenant General Molla Hailemariam is appointed as the commander of the Ground Force of the Ethiopian Defense Force.  

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  1. You can call me a habitual skeptic but I am a little befuddled with this new appointment. It shows a degree of desperation or confusion here. Is it an effort going be a quota system or just sorting thru the magic wands? The brief background of the new appoint tells that he was the chief of the intelligence outfit until yesterday, the intelligence that showed total failure in light of the recent bloodshed. In any case, I wish everyone nothing but success in the effort to save the country from unprecedented bloody mayhem still hovering over its head. Bigots are on the prowl emboldened by the weekend bloodshed than ever. They are lambasting everywhere on the media ‘It in now or never’. May The Almighty Our Creator Save Our Old Country & Its Glorious People!!!!!!

  2. TPLF which is the EPRDF member , is black listed as a terrorist group in the global terrorist’s groups black list , OPDO/ODP is on the brink of joining TPLF by being listed in this global terrorists black list

  3. There is a saying that says the death by success is most painful one as the landing is so hard. ODP rampage to control every corner of the society and power grab every where form Addis Ababa to outside of their region will be their worst curse. Most of the Ethiopian people is looking perplexed and shocked to what they were told a year ago to what is going on today. They promised to fix displacement and harrasment in their own region by radicalized youth and now they are doing it at federal levels where the scrambling for benefits and power positions is obvious and rampant. We will see how long they can do it or how fast will be brought down from their exeses. It is just a matter of time and the agony will be in their side. If you do not respect your kind you should not expect to keep the party as usual and even the bliindb youth that got embragieted with hateful ethnic indoctrination will wake up and break your nake once it realizes your deception to them and the founders of the Promo emancipation. Go fast and you also go down fast. Deceive more and you will ending shooting your own foot. One thing is clear Ethiopians regardless of their ethnic background will prevail.

  4. Agonager or agonafir
    crazy hatemonger

    You Bio son of Devil. Your political leaders from Amhara and you included are listed among the saddist killers’ list in East african history, perhaps in the world history of all time.

    Breaking news. Amhara regional court is ready to strip the amharan identity from Amhara emperors like Minilik known for their horrenous act of genocide and unspeakable brutality . Since they are becoming the very ground for amhara to be condmned by the whole international media including its former fans. Shame on Amhara and Amhara dictators

  5. accidents bring tears where as safety bring cheers. But our government choose the worse one for its citizens. it is like stupid son who grab his mother’s leg to get raped by rapists. only when the rain is over that they will come to their senses.

  6. you are sad because you see in your bloody naked eyes Tigray ethnic members was elected.

    Amhara generals are killers they died for power. they died in previous coup during mengistu. they are narcissit. Amhara soldiers were killing our elederly , raping women and killing pregnant women with daggers saying the baby could be the future TPLF militants . THis story I am sharing with you that I have heared it when I was a child . It is very heart breaking when you hear and see in your naked eyes innocent mother and her foetus killed brurally by a knife. It is a traumatic event which I cannot forget it forever. Derge soldiers were saddly cold blooded.

    If you there are guys telling us derge and mengistu hailemariam are better they are really crazy or they were not born after this cruel military junta or they might be very racist.

    Some people support a certain political party just because that party goes against another party or tribe they disklike most for no reason .

    May Tigray shine forever with grace of Almighty God in whom we trust in .

    We trust in God whose Mother is a patron of Tigray , St Mary of Zion, Axum

  7. Advice

    Please my fellows African let leave the fruits of hatred and developed our own unity.

    I have seen from several sources that,your concern is only to support and make your own tribe better and supperior please, make sure we are all equal before the Almighty.
    Sense of of ego and hatred will help us not thing.
    Ethiopia is land of brave people and holly independent since emperialist.

    What i have seen is, we can draw our conclusion and calm down the current suituation to permanent good living condition.


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