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Ethiopia : Arrogant rather sick minds promoting racism Asmare Yalew (Asmare Yalew)

June 27, 2019

Dear brother, dear sister,

It is very sad and devastating to witness the multifaceted deaths at Bahirdar. Precious Ethiopians are dead. It is not only death of these extraordinary  humans but also realizing death of the thought and outlook of many Ethiopians.

I have come to realize that many are not only sick with TPLF´s fiction of  ethnic oppression  but also could not  imagine the way-out and the end thereof. Authentic Ethiopian cultural rule of ´don´t fight if you are not sure of triumph over the enemy´ is often overlooked. . Sadly, this is much more prevalent within the populous promoting Amharanism. The worst scenario is that most of these are educated Ethiopians from whom solution and peace engineering are most expected.

May God and human conscience abolish all who are arrogantly rather ignorantly promoting the ethnic disease in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is churned and devastated by TPLF. Amhara is the prime target and victim of TPLF. Many Amhara scholars are engulfed with the devastations and outrages inflicted to Amhara. Very sadly, they are  engaging in ethnic politics. I cannot imagine how a healthy and cultivated mind:

  • fail to imagine the end consequences of ethnic rivalry.
  •  fail to imagine impossibility of seizing power employing military means

Often I even ask myself whether these  Amhara scholars are  sciencer. At least, how can one fail to realize that they are serving TPLF the least by promoting ethnicism and also risking outcomes such as the 22/6? Would I congraduate you for your achievements if at all that was your goal: weakening rather degrading Amhara and making it prey to TPLF and others?  No, I rather say this: SHAME ON YOU!

Ethiopians are in outrage and disarray owing to:-

  • The evil breath (ethnic politics of TPLF) effected for  > 27 years.

The unsettling anger and emotion are overwhelming the  general population and the educated society. The scholars are often failing because most of them are promoting  ill-matured rather irresponsible comments and standpoints extrapolating from bogus analyses/extrapolations.

But what is the way-out?

First of all rebuking ethnic politics, believing and working towards  the ONLY way-out for all UNITY.  Secondly, effectively controlling oneself, settling own mind, filtering facts and focusing on the long run goal and wellbeing of the people. 

Secondly, get  back to rational/logic based thinking. The genocide against Amhara emanated from the wrong notions that Amhara was oppressor and was in power for long. The political power was in the name of Amhara but  the ethnic group was never the absolute owner of power.

Averting the genocide and realizing justice can not be realized by  strengthening Amharanism. No, that is promoting ethnicism, enmity and chaos in the mind and life of the people. No ethnic based group can and will evolve to independent nation. 

Thirdly,  plan to win, fight if you can win otherwise work on capacity and strategies in silence. Assume Dr. Abey is disguised racist (Oromo). What is the tact to triumph? 1. Don’t officially  segregate yourself from him but rather enhance the political forge with his unity politics and boost your all-round capacities. 2. Foster unity politics and oblige him with the agreed commitments. I believe that these can not be hidden to any healthy mind but I think the key problem is many are making commerce with politics in disguise.

May we all become humans?

Thank you for reading my mind.

Kind regards,
Asmare Yalew


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