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Attorney general of Amhara region died of bullet wounds

Migbaru Kebede was one of the promising politicians within Amhara Democratic Party (ADP). The region’s attorney general is the third victim from the Bahir Dar incident on Saturday. He is survived by five children

Attorney General _ Amhara region _ Migbaru Kebede
The late Migbaru Kebede. Photo : ENA

June 24, 2019

Migbaru Kebede, Attorney General of Amhara region, died on Monday, Ethiopian state Media ENA reported citing Amhara region authorities. 

He was shot on Saturday in the evening around 5:00 p.m. in Bahir Dar near the office of the region’s president in what the Federal government and Amhara Democratic Party say was an attempted coup d’etat – against the regional administration.

Migbaru was first taken to Felege Hiwot Hospital in the city of Bahir Dar soon after he was shot but was later flown to the capital Addis Ababa, and was admitted at Tikur Ambessa for a medical procedure.

Ambachew Mekonen, president of Amhara regional state and his top advisor, Ezez Wasse, were shot and killed the same day.

Details of a funeral arrangement for assassinated regional authorities are not yet disclosed. 

According to a narrative from the Federal government, senior regional leaders were shot while they were having a meeting and the alleged coup d’etat is linked to Brigadier General Asamenw Tsige, who was the Peace and Security Head of the region.

The government disclosed on Monday that Asamenew Tsige is killed in the locality of Zenzelma, outside of the city of Bahir Dar on the way to Gondar. The government claims that he died while exchanging fire with security forces but it was not specified as to when he was killed.

Mounting skepticism of government narrative regarding the whole incident is unfolding among Ethiopians in social media. The factor that triggered it was the assassination of Ethiopia’s chief of staff of the Defense Force, General Seare Mekonnen, in the capital Addis Ababa around 9 p.m. – at least three hours after the alleged coup d’etat was put down.  And the government has linked the assassination of Seare by his bodyguard to the attempted coup d’etat.

Today, the Federal police said that it has started an investigation into “crimes committed in Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa.”

Commissioner Endashaw Tassew said, according to Ethiopian News Agency, that most of the suspects are in custody due to coordinated work between Amhara region security, the Ethiopian Defense Force and National Intelligence and Security Service.

Based on a report by Ethiopian News Agency, the Federal Police is treating the incident in Bahir Dar (in Addis Ababa too) as a suicidal mission. 

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian government announced on Monday that state funeral for the late Chief of Staff, Seare Mekonnen, is arranged for tomorrow. Seare will be laid to rest in his birthplace in North Ethiopia, according to a statement from press secretary in the office of the prime minister, Billene Seyoum.

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  1. Mengistu Hailemariam need to be investigated and held accountable for his role in the recent Coup De Tat’ attempted against Abiy Ahmed’s government.

  2. His Excellency Asaminew Tsige is a much better General than any General Ethiopia had in the last twenty eight + years. Even though his Excellency Asaminew was pushed to the corner where he was left to rot and die without no official giving him, the well deserved value to what he was saying to them. He roared like a lion and took the hypocrite Attorney General to meet his creator just like Meles Zenawi was taken to meet his creator. Let this be a lesson . That’s what we truely oppressed, neglected , abused Ethiopians do, we stay patient by leaving the judgement to your creator, if it is our calling we arrange the meeting with your creator in a heartbeat whether you are the President , the army chief , the bodyguards it is truly a case of, you getting to your appointment in time to stand in front of your creator .

  3. Asaminew was the puppets of TPLF the whole his life until they (TPLF) thrown him in trash like many other condoms after they succeed their evil objectives. Asaminew was the main tools the TPLF used to dismantle Ethiopia, especially the people who speak Amhara. Now all of the sudden, he became advocated of Amhara. But the truth is that he was trying to exploit some Amhara’s ignorance and revenge TPLF.


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