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Tigray regional state says it pardoned 2400 inmates including Eritrean prisoners

Tigray region authorities have made exceptions for certain crimes which means that inmates would remain behind bar until they serve their terms.

Tigray region _ pardoned

June 21, 2019

Tigray regional state disclosed on Friday that it is granting amnesty to 2400 convicts.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) administration under Debretsion Gebremichael has pardoned the inmates on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of Martyrs Day, according to a report by state-affiliated broadcaster, Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC).

“Inmates who are pardoned are those who demonstrated behavioral change and who regretted their guilt,” the region’s head of the justice department, Amanuel Assefa, told FBC.

The report added that the Amnesty is granted in accordance with the region’s law and in accordance with the constitution of the country.

Gates of the prison are open starting Friday for pardoned convicts to leave prison cells behind starting Friday.

13 of the prisoners are of Eritrean origin, according to Deutsche Welle Amharic (DW Amharic) service report on Friday.   Those Eritreans were reportedly convicted of human trafficking and robbery.

On the other hand, 51 of the prisoners released today are women and the majority of convicts are below 35 years of age.

In a press statement, the region’s security and administration head, Tekiu Meteku, said that those who committed rape, mugging, and second-time offenders are not included.

The regional state has pardoned 7538 inmates in just one year, added the report by DW Amharic.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed conveyed a message for people in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, on the occasion 31st Martyr’s day. He said the people of Tigray, along with the rest of Ethiopians, paid sacrifice for the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia , and that the interest of Tigray people is to build a democratic Ethiopia based on the values of unity and freedom. His message came a week after Debretsion told The Ethiopian Reporter that the people of Tigray is showing tendency of secession but it is TPLF leaders that is pushing the people not to chose that line at this point in time.



  1. Subject: “Tigray regional state says it pardoned 2400 inmates including Eritrean prisoners
    borkena June 21, 2019

    Commentary, 22 June 2019
    It seems the action of the youngest (42 years old) prime minister of Ethiopia is being reflected as a shining example upon the highly educated personality, with the top most credential of doctor of philosophy degrees from top most Western academic institutions. May that one example be also reflected throughout or our beloved backward Africa. Having said that, let us concentrate [or even pray to the almighty lord up in heaven) and appreciate deeply the fresh air that seems to blow over our dear Africa.

    AMEN and bless the good lord up in heaven for his/her kindness and equal treatment upon humanity around the Globe.

  2. Business Administration expert Masters degree in business admistration (MBA) holder Abiy assumed only EFFORT AND METEC monopolized the business economy in Ethiopia , so he revolted against TPLF to get a chance of accumulating money as his TPLF masters did.



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