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Ethiopian Prime Minister brokering peace between opposition and TMC

The Ethiopian delegate has reportedly concluded meetings with different groups in Sudan including TMC leaders at this writing but it is unclear as to what is achieved so far

Abiy-Ahmed _Sudan _Ethiopian
PM Abiy Ahmed and his delegation arriving in Khartoum. Photo credit : OPM

June 7, 2019

As Sudan’s opposition demands a transfer of power from the Transitional Military Council to a civilian government, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed led a high-level delegation to Sudan to broker peace between the two contending forces in Sudan. 

According to the Sudan Tribune, It was head of the IGAD that initiated Prime Minister for mediation in Sudan. The mediation intends to achieve a civilian-led transitional government, which will be good for three years if it happens, in Sudan which is essentially what the Sudanese opposition is pushing for.

Ethiopian Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew and Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, General Seare Mekonnen, among others,  are part of the Prime Minister’s entourage to Sudan.

The delegation held talks with Chief of the Sudanese Transitional Military Council, Lt. Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

As well, the Office of the Prime Minister disclosed after the visit that the Abiy Ahmed held discussion with the main opposition group as part of the mediation effort. He told the opposition group that Ethiopia is fully committed to fostering peace in the region and that unity is a precondition for peace in Sudan. 

Egyptian representatives and African Union (AU) Commissioner for Peace and Security, Smail Chergui, are in Sudan to mediate between transitional Sudanese military leaders who overthrew the country’s longtime military leader, Omar Al-Bashir, and the opposition group.

It was following Sudan’s temporary suspension from the African Union Sudanese opposition, Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), demanded the full transfer of power to a civilian government without any negotiation, as reported by Sudan Tribune.

Also, the opposition demanded “The immediate dismantling of the Janjaweed militias and handing over their weapons to the army, and end the bloody rampage in the streets of the cities,” as cited in Sudan Tribune.

On June 3, dozens of protesters were killed outside the army headquarters and the country’s prosecutor has started an investigation into the killings, reported Sudanese news source. 

Ethoipia’s northern neighbor, Eritrea , has sent a high level delegation sometime in May. Eritrea’s position is that the African Union should not interfere in the affairs of Sudan.

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  1. PM Abiy did tell Sudan Politicians to start to follow the Ethnic Federalism Political System ( Zenawism) , the Sudanese opposition is put in rehabilitation so the opposition learns about Zenawism/ ethnic Federalism political system . .Amazingly Abiy praised Woyane Tegarus sacrifice and Sudan people’s contribution on the fight against Derg, he also noted that Abiy himself was part of the fighting against DERG for few years until 1991.

    PM Abiy said he is against tegarus now because according to him most of TPLF tegarus became Amaranized somewhere between 1991 and 2010’s.

    Abiy said only Meles Zenawi was really following the principle of TPLF until the end, while other TPLF officials became Amaranized.

    PM Abiy admitted Ethnic Federalism political system (Zenawism) saved all of Ethiopia from the centuries long cycle of poverty starvation , red terrorism , civil unrests , religious domination and never ending civil wars, as it can save Sudan now. Also PM Abiy’s admitted that Zenawism (ethnic Federalism political system) is the Constitutional right of all Ethiopians that made equality and prosperity a reality to all, which was gotten by the golden brave Woyane tegarus EPRDF fighters lives being sacrificed.
    ZENAWISM/ ETHNIC FEDERALISM POLITICAL SYSTEM is the pride of all Ethiopians, SINCE WITHOUT IT WE ETHIOPIANS ARE BOUND TO FALL FOR the power hungry SHABIYA DERG cruelity again, with it noone can lay a finger on us Ethiopians for centuries to come, but without it we Ethiopians are for sure slaves to timkhit Amara .

  2. The military there will not go anywhere. It has been tripping on the addictive illicit drug of political power since its inception in the late 1950’s. Aboud, Nimeiry, Dahab, Bashir you name it. Except for short lived civilian governments here and there, the Sudanese army has been the one ruling that country since 1958. The civilian political groups in the opposition have been ravaged with the same stupidity and problem just as our own, fragmentation beyond repair. Even commies had a shot there with their own splintered groups where one swearing by Mao and others by Stalin and other demons. Nimeiry had very little difficulty taking most of them to lunch. Our old country also has the same fair share of being ruled by military officers. To me the old country has been ruled by the military since 1974. That is right. Since 1974!!! The only few differences between Mengistu’s hordes and that of the late PM is one group had graduated from the military cadet schools of the late Emperor and those who replaced them were graduates of some training joints in the northern highlands and deserts of Eritrea. The other distinction is those who came to town in 1991 seemed to be well read and polished smart alecks. Both groups were so ‘blessed’ with civilian political groups in disarray and did not have so much trouble in picking them apart.
    I am not making this up. Just look at them. Even now, after more than 45 years of military rule, the civilian groups are so fragmented along lines of petty issues that none of them would qualify or are capable of ruling the country of more than 100 million people. Sometimes I don’t really know what to make with some of them. It is just comical and at the same time annoying. For example, one of the founders of an ethnic liberation group was telling us all how he regretted that move. But what he did was to found another regurgitated ethnic group called TPDM. Another one was telling us all that he left OLF because he suddenly had an awakening that what he did was wrong. Then he found Oromo Democratic Front the day after. How many political parties are there in the old country? I heard 88 but one of my merchant relatives quipped to me 100 million. That is how these miniature civilian groups lost respect by the civilians. They are taken to be so infantile and inept to be given the mantle of the highest office. In the meantime the officers are partying not too far from it all. Barbarians at the gate so to say!!! They are not going anywhere. Remember, even though the current PM has done so much positive for the old country, we should not be remiss of the fact that he is the ‘former’ military lieutenant colonel. But he should be respected and adored for what has been done since he took the mantle of the highest office. But don’t forget that he has a military ‘upbringing’. Spells of flashbacks, you know! Just food for thought!!!


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