Alleged assassination attempt on Erimas Legesse, Habtamu Ayalew and Bertawit Girmaye

Police has not yet determined if was an assassination attempt

June 6,2019

A breaking news coverage by Abbaymedia, which is aired this evening, says that three of former ESAT journalists who left the broadcaster recently following dispute over alleged freedom of expression and matters related ownership of the media, were attacked outside of a temporary studio in Maryland, United States.

Erimas Legesse, Habtamu Ayalew and Bertawit Girmaye were reportedly confronted by a person who is described as black man who drove towards them near their new studio.

Then the man “got out of the car and pointed a gun on Habtamu and Erimias.” Abbay Media added that the man got into a fight with Habtamu who was reportedly brought down which is when, as per the report, that the man fired a shot to the air.

Abbay Media reported the incident as an act robbery and assassination attempt, citing its unnamed sources.

According to Abbay media, Habtamu Ayalew and Bertawit Girmaye sustained minor injuries and they visited Washington Adventist Church hospital, and were discharged same day.

The incident happened on Tuesday around 7 p.m. local time. And police is seemingly investigating the incident.

No other news sources reported about the incident so far. If handled by police as reported by Abbay Media, the case whether it was an assassination attempt will be determined.

Check out the breaking news coverage video by Abbay Media below.

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