Eritrea to be erased from US Counterterror Non-Cooperation List

Eritrea will no longer be in Counterterror Non-Cooperation List

Eritrea _ United States
From left are Chief of Mission Natalie E. Brown, Rep. Joe Neguse, Rep. Karen Bass, Minister of Foreign Affairs Osman Saleh, Rep. Ilhan Omar and Deputy Chief of Mission Stephen Banks. Members of Congress were the first to visit Eritrea in 14 years. (photo credit : US State Department)

May 29, 2019

The Associated Press report published on VOA News on Tuesday, May 28, says that Eritrea is now taken off the list of countries not fully cooperating with the United States of America on counter-Terrorism.

“The reclusive East African nation is no longer listed on the announcement that will be published in the Federal Register on Wednesday,” wrote the Associated Press.

Eritrea was listed along with “non-cooperating” countries like North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Venezuela. United Nations’ section on Eritrea is also lifted.

The peace agreement with Ethiopia, which happened in 2018 after Ethiopia’s ruling coalition picked Abiy Ahmed as prime minister, contributed the lifting of United Nations sanction, according to a report by The Associated Press.

A United States Congressional delegation, which included Eritrean-American Joseph Neguse who was elected to United States House of Representatives in 2018, visited Eritrea in early 2019.

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