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Ethiopian military leaders visited Prime Minister’s office

Military leaders _ Ethiopia
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed meeting military leaders at Emperor Menelik’s Banquet Hall
Photo credit : Office of the Prime Minister

May 24,2019

High ranking commanders of the Ethiopian Defense Force have visited construction projects in the office of the prime minister, seemingly this time with an invitation from the prime minister. It is to be remembered that hundreds of special commandos of the Ethiopian Defense forces showed up at the prime minister’s office in October 2018 – a phenomenon which caused a serious concern back then.

In today’s visit, it was all smile and the Cheif of staff General Seare Mekonen was among the visitors. After the ceremony, the military commanders had a meeting with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, according to a report by state broadcaster – Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation.

Abiy reportedly briefed the military officers about his project of “beautifying sheger” – for which organized a $173,000 per plate fundraising dinner last Sunday which happened in the 19th-century Banquet Hall Emperor Menelik. And it was in the same hall that Abiy Ahmed met with the military leaders on Friday.

The project to beautify sheger is expected to be completed, if all goes well, in three years time and it will cost 29 billion Ethiopian birr which is equivalent to $US 1.1 billion.

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  1. Ethiopian are being treated as herds of cattles according to their ethnicities or area of residency . Ethiopians are subjected to be led without their voice and concerns being given value. Democracy doesn’t exist but EPRDF thinks democracy is flourishing in Ethiopia.
    The foreign debt is up to the limit. The Amara region military forces are demanding to lead themselves, the Amara region military do not want to be led by Amara Region politicians anymore because they think Dr. Ambachew’s team is miseducated.

    In the last thirty years the military had been led by uneducated Ethiopian military leaders and the USA military advisors just so finally somehow China is on track to rip the benefits in Ethiopia.

    The whole of Ethiopia natural resources are being bought by neo colonialists and their educated agents bandas.

    Ethiopia is said to have one of the top 10 worst health care systems in the world while even traditional ancient Ethiopian medicines are being lost due to displacements , land grabs and miseducation.

    The so called educated older generations who survived TPLF’s ruling time by listening to jazz music giving a blind eye and deaf ears not listening to the exile , the suffering , the imprisonment , the injustice , the killings that brought the so called transformational change should in short be called miseducation.

    The young should not repeat the mistakes of the past thirty years. What the young should do is not listen to the team Lemmas’s medemer way of education, we don’t want this being added medemer which led to group ethnic gangs in schools cheatng on exams MEKORAREJNA FETENA MALEF educational system. Rule of law decency and good moral character need to be respected. The added medemer the ethnic cliques Mekorarej medemer is still breeding incompetent corrupt workforce in all fields of works.


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