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Court order for the fugitive former spy chief issued again

Spy Chief _ Getachew Assefa
Former Spy Chief Getachew Assefa. Source : SM

May 24 ,2019

Ethiopian Federal court ordered that a court order be delivered to former intelligence chief, Getachew Assefa, and three other National Information and Security Agency officials.

The Federal Prosecutor has charged 26 individuals but four of them including Getachew Assefa are not yet in custody. They are charged in connection with egregious human rights violations against individuals.

It is for the second time for Ethiopian court to issue the court order to be given to those individuals who are not yet in custody. 

The Federal police say, as reported by state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate, received the court order only on May 22 and that it needs time to deliver it as it has to be delivered in Tigray region where Getachew Assefa and the other suspects are believed to be hiding.

And the Federal court wants the suspects who are not still in custody to appear before the court on June 10.

Unconfirmed reports on social media, on the other hand, say that Federal police members who have been dispatched to Tigray region to deliver the court order have been detained by regional security authorities but no other mainstream media sources in the country confirmed the news.

The task of capturing Getachew Assefa has become a test case for the Federal government to prove if it still has a monopoly of power and hence a power to enforce the rule of law. On the other hand, the case has turned out to be a matter of politics in Tigray region. Elites and supporters of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) went to the extent to planning “I am Getachew Assefa” protest rally in the regional capital, Mekelle, but was later canceled.

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  1. Former Spy chief Getachew Assefa is being pursued by his former coworker Abiy Ahmed because former spy Abiy Ahmed wants files involvement in the spy agency get burried along with Getachew Assefa.
    Abiy is chasing Getachew Assefa he is not really trying to catch him, because who knows what kind of evidences Getachew Assefa has about Abiy when Abiy worked for Getachew .
    Abiy is said to be one of the people that was responsible for filling up the prisons during TPLF time.


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