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Must Watch : Ye Mengistu Hailemariam Lijoch

May 19, 2019

This is a story about two children of Amba, where they are now and what they are doing. It is an incredibly moving story

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  1. Oho my God I have been missing for this era since I was a boy my father used to tell me about derg regeame I mean I didn’t mean I am a supporting any political party and I know nothing about polotics u don’t even want to know about it any way any political party on its time it has a good and bad side of its story or history, such things are braking our hearts even if I was not there but this story and history must be mentioned and must be diggen out, colonial manigistu and the other political prisoners must come back home and must be welcomed by digginity etc

  2. Melekamu Teshale Adebo

    beshitegna neh meselegn nefsegedayun new be ekiff abeba yemitikebelw

    metetam mengistu was a serial killer and mastermind of red terror against civilans and all those who outsmart him.

    melekam teshale jilajil


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