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Welayta Sodo Demonstration for statehood status

Wolayta Demonstration
Wolayta Demonstration at the town’s stadium
Photo credit : EBC

May 19, 2019

Wolayta staged a huge demonstration on Friday demanding statehood. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Wolyata marched the streets of Wolayta Sodo before they settled in Wolayta Stadium where powerful speakers, and organizers, articulated the motive of the demonstration.

“Respond to Wolayta People’s demand for statehood,” “Justice to Wolayta people,”Wolayta People support the ‘change’ and stand with government” are some of the slogans that protestors were chanting.

They also demanded equitable distribution of economic development projects including construction of Industrial Parks and industries.

The protestors also demanded government act to stop what they called attacks on ethnic Wolayta and respect freedom of movement and right to work in any parts of Ethiopia.

The Zone administration seem to be supportive of the demands raised by the protestors. Tadele Folla, government communication bureau coordinator in the zone, is cited by Fana Broadcasting Corporate as saying that the demands need to be addressed.

Wolayta zone is currently part of Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region, a region with more than fifty language speaking groups in Ethiopia’s ethnic based Federal structure.

It is to be recalled that ethnic Sidama, also within Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region, demanded status for statehood. At least two other language speaking groups in the region are demanding ethnic based statehood status.


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  1. Subject: “Welayta Sodo Demonstration for statehood status, borkena, May 19, 2019”

    Commentary, 19 May 2019
    Here goes the fragmentation of the ancient empire in the Continent of Africa.
    Here goes the consequential avenue for the fragmentation of Welayta Sodo itself, down the road.
    Here goes an example of universal classical tragedy.
    Here goes the true meaning of the Ethiopian Amharic language wisdom: ሳይቸግር፣ ጥል ።
    May the good lord up in heaven — way, way, way above and around — ይቅር ይበላቸው፣ የሚደርጉትን አያውቁም’ና ።

    Post Script. The above commentary does NOT imply, nor try to be a cover up, for the historical cruelty and criminality of past Ethiopian Emperorship over the various races in favour of their own ONE particular race. It was a CRIME of the greatest proportion that should never be forgotten but, at the same time, should NEVER be used to mince Ethiopia itself into pieces. The same principle should also apply to other entities in OUR AFRICA in their own ‘particular’ anthropology.


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