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Ethiopia declares National mourning day for the late Negasso

Negasso Gidada _ Ethiopia
The late Negasso Gidada
Photo : OPM

May 3,2019

Ethiopian Parliament declared today one day national mourning day for the late Negasso Gidada who served as the first president of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

The national mourning, which will be in effect across the country, is to be announced at a later date.

The parliament has also decided a state funeral with full honour Military March.

Task force assigned to organize the funeral has announced that Negasso will be laid to rest on Sunday at Petros Wo Paulos Church.

Before the funeral, there will be a ceremony at the Millennium Hall.

High ranking government officials will be attending the funeral.

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  1. We Oromos had Many cultural musical instruments such as guitar , Kirar , Washint , tirunba and Kebero .

    We stoped developing our musical culture because Amaras Sefaris routinely raped and cut the breast of our women during Oromo’s cultural dancing musical ceremonies.

    Thanks to the late PM Meles Zenawi and the late President Negasso Gidada’s hard work of implementing the ethnic Federalism system backed with a great constitution Oromo’s future is bright while Amara Ethiopians are on a brink of instinction.

  2. There are many people that one way or the other assisted the killing machinery of EPRDF to stay in power. Whether be it DERG OR WOYANE would not kill as many as they did, if they didn’t had help from within the victim’s groups. Many Ethiopians gave up their own brothers and sisters to save their own skins. Megasso Gidada gave up countless Oromos and other ethnicity Ethiopians to save himself. Whoever that are currently talking good about him are same type of people who threw their brothers and sisters to the killing.machineries in order to save their own skins. It is those that are fooled by volunteer slaves that are admiring his legacy now. No person with a conscious would glorify Megasso unless they themselves were volunteer slaves as he was a volunteer slave until his last days.

    It is just those volunteer slaves that are fooling others so when their time comes they will be admired too. In Los Angeles , California USA the Ethiopian government Ambassador blessing at the Embassy called an urgent memorial candil light vigil ceremony to be held Tuesday May 7th between 3pm and 4pm . It would have been our suggestion if they didn’t waste the time on this, they should hold such things after working hours if they want to. The embassies deny us to renew our passports and now they hold such ceremonies on working hours paid by tax payers money which totally shows how much of dictatorship government we have. Gedu Andargachew should take appropriate action against the Los Angeles Ethiopian embassy Council for it’s unprofessionalism..Be it in Medrek or not Megasso was a volunteer slave spy just like Abit Ahmed is now.


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