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Gunmen in Afar attacked Tigray police soccer team, causalities reported

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Photo credit : EBC

April 27,2019

Tigray police soccer team is attacked by “unknown gunmen”, as reported by state broadcaster Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation which cited Tigray region police commission, on its way back to Tigray.

The team was returning from matches in Addis Ababa and Debre Berhan (120 kilometers North of the capital Addis Ababa).

At least one team member is killed and five others sustained wounds,one of the cases life threatening,according to the report. Ethiopian Defense Force stationed in the area airlifted those wounded in the attack and transported them to Bishoftu hospital.

The attack happened on Thursday near Endiftu area along the Awash Mekelle road in Afar regional state.

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  1. As the saying goes, What goes around comes around.

    PROFESSOR MESFIN WOLDEMARIAM’S “AMARA DOES NOT EXIST” SPEECH got support from Professor Anmaw Anteneh.

    In the past decades or so even in Addis Ababa “THE MELTING POT” if Professor Anmaw walked around the campus he was teaching he would have been able to detect organized Amara groups of students that only associate with Amaras only. Amara Human beings that speak Amara are still patiently waiting for justice so they can move on with their lives.


    Beginning from Shabiya , Derg , ISI , EPRDF Including Genet Zewde all of them got or are getting what they deserve for what they have done to Amara. One way or the other justice will be served or we will patiently die trying.

  2. amara temari neftegna netachuh bemeddel bemezeref new yenante haymanote sowun bemegdel yamnal amara yalhonewun hulu

    adgi hulaem makes the same bray

    yenantew etobiya tarik behasete kelem besow siga yetetsafenew be jenoside maletenew neftegnaw leresih wegenoch enkuwan rehrehe yelechum

    • Ethiopians are humble law abiding people. Ethiopians should rally behind the accused since guilt is not proven in a court yet. The labeled crazy criminals might be falsely accused for a crime another person committed. All are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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    They both are trying to bring back the Amara Monarchy with Gondar being the capital city.

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