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Breaking News: Ethiopia’s former president Negasso Gidada passed away

Negasso Gidada _ Ethiopia
The late Negasso Gidada
Photo : OPM

April 27,2019

Former president of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Negasso Gidada, reportedly passed away.

The Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia has confirmed the news on Friday afternoon. He was 76 years of age.

He served as president for six years until he fell out with the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s administration.

Apart from serving in the role of heads of state, he was a member of Constitution draft Committee.

He was also chairman of Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) now re-branded as Oromo Democratic Party, one of the constituent parties of the ruling coalition and in charge of Oromo regional state.

After leading an impoverished life for years following fall out with what was the the dominant party in the ruling coalition,Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the ethnic ethnic Oromo Party he led which is now turning out to be dominant, reconsidered his situation made arrangement to assist him financially in addition to awarding him with a vehicle.

Recently, he was appointed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration to the truth and reconciliation.

Academically, he has background in history. He studied at Haileselassie I University, now Addis Ababa University, and earned his BA in 1971.

After serving as school principal for four years between 1971 and 1974, a year during which the Ethiopian revolution broke out, he left for Germany where he lived until he returned to Ethiopia in 1991.

In Germany, his study of history and earned his PHD from Goethe University in Frankfurt.

The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office has disclosed that “a national committee to oversee the funeral arrangements is being established and will communicate the details accordingly.”

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  1. Best President the country ever had.
    May he rest in peace. All diasporas need to learn a thing or two about how a diaspora can return to Ethiopia then contribute to it’s country by only looking at the example he set, as he himself once was a diaspora living in Germany.

  2. It is a known fact that in all of Ethiopia except in Tigrai the public health system has failed.

    In almost all of Ethiopia except in Tigrai , human and animal medical professionals are about to go on a strike due to to low wages , long hours and unsafe working conditions.

    Arsi had been ground zero with many medical professionals strike organizers suffering from human rights abuses by the hands of security forces of the government of Ethiopia. It is a known fact that all of Ethiopia except Tigrai has a failed public health system that is about to collapse.

  3. The non-elected 21 people advisory council is advising the non-elected government to sell it all, advisors are advising to sell all of the organizations owned by the public for generations before the plan to privatize is brought in front of newly elected parliament after election 2020.


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