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Ethiopia to extradite a US citizen suspected in homicide of young couples

Yohannes Nessibu - Virginia murder
Suspect , Yohannes Nessibu
Source : Social Media

April 25,2018

Ethiopia is extraditing an Ethiopian-American man who is linked to the deaths of two Ethiopian-Americans some time in December 2016 in Fairfax County, Virginia.

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate, Yohannes Nessibu, is currently in police custody and preconditions to extradite him are being finalized.

The Ethiopian Federal Attorney General decided to hand over the suspect after verifying that the suspect is charged in a court in FairFax county, Virginia.

The bodies of Henok G. Yohannes and Kedest Sileshi Simeneh ,couples, was found two days before Christmas in 2016. The US government has been working on extradition of the suspect since police authorities in the country found out that the suspect has left the US.

Yohannes Nessibu reportedly escaped to Ethiopia same day he committed the crime paying $US 3000 for a one way ticket.

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  1. Ethiopia is also finalizing the process to extradite Seye Abraha and others to Eritrea .

    Eritrea is saying Seye need to be extradited to Eritrea due to what he did during the Ethio-Eritrean war crimes.

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  3. I have always wondered as to why Ethiopia wouldn’t extradite this evil man after be brutally murdered two innocent young souls over a minor drug-related altercation. Thank God it finally did! He may face a death penalty for his grisly murders and the pain he added on their families die to the fun he made of them in his rap songs…….


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