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Ethiopian tourist destinations to be a focus for United States Tour Operators

USTOA board members have visited Ethiopian tourist destinations. They seem to see great revenue potential but infrastructure development to the destinations could be an issue unless Ethiopian government acts on it.

Ethiopia _United States Tour Operators Association
Photo credit : FanaBC

April 1,2019

The United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) Board members and some US travel operators who are members of USTOA have visited Ethiopia on Monday.

USTOA board chairperson, Dana Santucci, told Fana Broadcasting Corporate, as the state affiliated media outlet reported on Monday, that the visit had two purposes; to study Ethiopian tourist destinations and include them in their travel packages for sale, and to build partnership with Ethiopians in the sector.

Apart from visiting major Ethiopian tourist destinations, they held talks with authorities in the industry and stake holders including Ethiopian Airlines CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam.

Ethiopian Airlines management sees great importance in USTOA visit to Ethiopia for the tourism sector. The airlines targets to bring as many as 15 million tourists to Ethiopia on a yearly basis from across the world and it is also working with other countries to achieve its objective.

Dana Santucci has remarked on the state of Ethiopia’s tourism activity. She thinks that Ethiopia has not done as much as it should in terms of promoting its tourist attractions. She has also advised about the need to give special emphasis for infrastructure development in the areas of tourist destination in the country, as reported by Fana Broadcasting.

The association has announced that it will give special emphasis to make Ethiopian tourist attractions as destinations for travelers.

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