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Lemma Megersa seeks the trust of Ethiopians again

“Ethiopian People should not mistrust us even tomorrow,” Lemma Megersa

Lemma Megersa _ Ethiopia_ Oromo DP
March 31,2019

Oromo regional state president and vice chairman of Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), Lemma Megersa, has been criticized recently in part for inaction when thousands of Ethiopians were reduced to homeless status for their houses was ripped apart with the order of members of his administration in Sululta and Lagatao, among other areas, and in part due to leaked video of him during a meeting in the region he leads.

Lemma allegedly talked about plans to change ethnic composition residents of Addis Ababa through massive relocation of ethnic Oromos affected by recent conflicts, which some critical voices say was a deliberate plan.

In meeting with business people in Oromo regional state of Ethiopia on Saturday, Lemma Megersa got an opportunity to explain about the allegations, especially in connection with leaked video.

“I am not a mad person to think changing ethnic composition of residents of Addis Ababa,” Lemma emphatically told, as seen in a video that has gone viral, participants of the meeting.

He thinks that what he said was taken out of context and misrepresented deliberately, and consumed for destructive propaganda against himself and change leaders.

Recalling from past meeting, he said that he was asked a critical question that his party has done nothing to farmers who are still toiling in the soil and that he replied, he said, his administration is working on urbanization plan.

Relation with Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) was another issue he touched up on and he dismissed talks of political difference between his party and ADP. He emphasized that their alliance was meant to rescue the country from disintegration and their alliance was not did not happen out of love but out of interest in resolving common challenge.

He said he did not espouse convictions about Ethiopian identity out of interest in pursuing fame and popularity but because he believes in it and that it is not a matter of choice for all Ethiopians.

“…not only I believe in Ethiopian unity but also I have paid a price for it; my colleagues have paid a price for it…I will continue to speak for it and work for it…” Lemma told businessmen with whom he was having a meeting.

There is mixed reaction to his explanation. A considerable number of Ethiopians are convinced that Lemma is wronged and that his views of Ethiopia is not changed. Yet, there are also Ethiopians who seem to think it is no more for words and that he and his friends need to show it through action. Some even point to the fact that his party recently issued a statement vowing to ensure ethnic Oromo ownership of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital.

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  1. Obbo Lemma,

    What about the recent statement (communique) by your party that promised it will work to ‘annex’ Finfine! Unless you denounce this statement officially how do you think Ethiopians will believe you!! !!!

  2. Promising words are a good start. But they mean nothing if they don’t show in action.
    Even Meles and Mengistu had good intentions at first, but their real character appeared when they were tested.

  3. Team Lemma are bullies goons that are bullying Ethiopians. The team Lemma are goons hired by Samora Yunus and Bill Gate.

    Whether he paid price or not why is he telling business.people about it?

    . Is.he accusing the business people of not following Meles ZenAwi to Badme.?
    He.could.have answered journalists questions and give details about this so called “price” for unity paid by him.and his colleagues.
    He instead talked.with the Aba Dulla Gemeda corruption ring leaders looters who deposited millions.of dollars Round.the world.

    Lemma Megersa “I have paid a price for Ethiopia,’s unity…….my collegues paid a price for Ethiopia’s unity…..”.

    Even Benito Mussolini to Italian Journalists said ” I am for Ethiopia’s unity”.

    Is it when Team Lemma sold Tigrai to TPLF his team paid price for Ethiopia’s unity?

    Is it when he left 1,000,000 Gedeos to starve to death for MOnths with no help while he and his business partners /Ababa Dulla business partners wine and dine and talk about the “price”?

    Which day ,. Which hour , which minute , which second did he and his team pay price for Ethiopia’s unity?
    Is it when he promised hundred thousand OLF soldiers to be given free houses each or is it when he promised displaced Oromo’s.from.Somali.to.be relocated in Addis Ababa?

    Is it when his team followed Meles Zenawis order and surrendered all mlitary amunitions to TPLF?

    .Is it when he called Addis Ababa’s youth khat addicted hooligans put them in military concentration camp, .he then called being an Ethiopian is an addiction.In other words he is saying all Ethiopians are addicts.

    Is that his way of paying price for Ethiopia’s unity.

    Are all Ethiopians addicts?

    .Is it when Burayu , Legetafo , Sululta. And so on massacres were left without justice
    by team Lemma is that his way of paying price to unite Ethiopia?

    Most Ethiopian know him and his team of being EPRDF’s main goons.

    EPRDF sold Eritrea to Shabiya.
    EPRDF divided Ethiopia by ethnicity.
    EPRDF sold Prime natural resources to foreigners.

    Team Lemma were the main spies that helped TPLF to arrest Andargachew in Yemen.

    Team Lemma are power hungry dictators that are buying time with lip service now.

    It is time to starve team Lemma same as they starved Gedeos . .Oromo’s , Amaras , Tigraians .
    Boycott sending foreign currency from diasporas to Ethiopia.
    Boycott Ethiopian Airlines. .
    Boycott Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.


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