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Abiy Ahmed is asked about Addis Ababa and here is what he said

March 28,2019

On the occasion of anniversary of one year in office, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed spoke to local journalists on a number of issues.

One of the questions he faced was Addis Ababa’s ownership which became a question after Abiy Ahmed’s own ethnic party, Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) claimed Oromo ownership of Ethiopia’s capital.

In today’s press conference, he said it is shameful to question who does Addis Ababa belong to? He said Addis Ababa belongs to all of Ethiopians just like the rest of the cities in Ethiopia. Yet, Abiy knows that many regional cities are constitutionally snatched from Ethiopians and given to a specific ethnic group. Watch his speech in Amharic below.

Video : FanaBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. AA is located in Oromia.
    AA is Oromia and Oromia is AA.
    It is Oromos land. However anyone can live there
    if obey the law of the Land.
    AA can’t live without Oromia.
    Everything for AA come from Oromia.


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