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Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 Bahir Dar meeting postponed following violence

Berhanu Nega _ Ginbot  7 _ Ethiopia
Berhanu Nega speaking to supporters
Credit : AMMA

March 25, 2019

Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 meeting with supporters and the public in Bahir Dar which was planed to take place on Sunday at the region’s council auditorium was canceled after the leadership wet with serious opposition.

The intention of the meeting, according to Mengistu Amare who is said to be Bahir Dar City’s Arbegnoch Ginbot 7secretary, as reported by AMMA, was to discuss Ethiopia’s current situation and address questions from the public.

Why the party’s plan to hold a discussion in Bahir Dar met with resistance? Certain youth groups in the city do seem to have a rather hostile attitude towards Ginbot 7 movement which is not an ethnic-based movement.

According to a report by Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) on Sunday, youth groups who opposed the movement say “Ginbot 7 is an enemy of Amhara.”

“Ginbot 7 knows that the country’s politics is tense with ethnic politics yet it plots to weaken Amhara nationalism by propagating Ethiopian politics only to Amhara,” is one of the reasons why some youth seem to be seeing the party as an “enemy.”

Ginbot 7 _Bahir Dar _ Ethioipa_ Amhara
Bahir Dar protest against Ginbot 7
Photo credit : AMMA

Member of the movement’s discussion committee in Bahir Dar, Alemu Fetene, is cited as saying that Ginbot 7 used a formal invitation paper for those who were meant to participate in the discussion. The youth groups who oppose the meeting point out that it is not appropriate for Ginbot 7 to claim that it is engaging the public while it selectively called members of the public with invitation paper.

Berhanu Nega, leader of the movement, had to speak over the phone to supporters of the party who flocked to the premises of the region’s council in Bahir Dar.

And he told his supporters that they will have the meeting in the future and that his party will work based on the covenant more than 100 opposition parties in the country signed.

How serious was the opposition to Ginbot 7 meeting in Bahir Dar? Serious enough that the meeting had to be canceled for security reasons and serious enough that some angry and armed youth groups had to carry AK 47 during the protest march in the city.

Amhara Democratic Party officials and many politicized Ethiopians had condemned the tendency towards violence against Ginbot 7 and its leaders.

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  1. According to PM Abiy “TPLF officials are behind invisible bars.” Maybe G7 is also behind these invisible bars too.
    So the dictatorship continues with the hope for electing leaders remaining to be unattainable. The diasporas initiated boycott needs to be continued again right away, EPRDF only heard the people’s voice through boycotts only. Once the boycott was suspended dictatorship continued.

    Boycott sending money from diasporas to the EPRDF controlled Ethiopia now!!

    Boycott the EPRDF controlled Commercial Bank of Ethiopia now!!

    Boycott the EPRDF controlled Ethiopian Airlines now!!

    The federal government should also ask for forgiveness for what happened in Bahir Dar. The action taken was not only against G7 only but it was also against everything democracy stands for, including freedom of expression and freedom of assembly ,
    We thought the Federal government freed political prisoners to let Democracy reign but we are finding out the Federal Government let the prisoners out of jail because of budget constraints that resulted from the boycotts..
    PM Abiy is even telling us TPLF is not free because TPLF are behind some form of invisible bars.
    We all thought Abiy freed the political prisoners but maybe the prisoners just got transfered from being behind visible bars to being behind the invisible bars. Freedom of assembly and freedom of electing representatives are core values many died for. As we see it the federal government continue to deny the freed prisoners from exercising their rights of holding meetings with the public, meaning the political prisoners are not completely freed, they are just in some form of house arrest .The way it is going EPRDF might tell.us once again it won the next election with triple digits percentage. Manufacturing a false double digits economic growth and manufacturing s false triple digit election is something EPRDF is becoming to be known for.

    Right now It can also be said Dr. Berhanu Nega, Birtukan Midekssa , Abebe Gelaw , Sisay A. and so on turned themelves in voluntarily and are behind these invisible bars/house arrest too. The mental slavery or mental imprisonment is affecting all of us. Free yourself by boycotting, because if you don’t boycott you should know you are sending money to strengthen dictatorship.


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