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Eritrea blasts Al-Jazeera over “campaigns of disinformation”

Eritrea denies that no thirty years contract is entered into with United Arab Emirates

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March 20,2019

The ministry of information of Eritrea issued a statement on Wednesday criticizing Doha based Al-Jazeera TV station over its report on about an alleged holding of Yemeni Prisoners in Eritrea.

Reaction to the station came same day following Aljazeera report on Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

Al-Jazeera’s audio-visual reported claimed that its investigation obtained “satellite images showing a UAE-controlled secret prison inside a military base,” in the Eritrean territory.

The station’s report further added that “There have been reports of prisoners from the war in Yemen being held there amid allegations of torture and abuse.”

Eritrea, in the statement published by its ministry of Information, said that Al-Jazeera’s news report did not provide “material proof” to substantiate what the Horn of Africa’s nation called “outrageous claims”

The statement also stated that this is not the first time for the aforementioned news channel “to broadcast ludicrous allegations against Eritrea.

As well, Al-Jazeera’s report regarding Eritrea’s “thirty-year agreement with the UAE for the leasing of a military base in Assab” is dismissed by Eritrean authority.

However, Eritrea’s statement said that United Arab Emirates’ presence is temporary:

“The UAE has a temporary, operational, base related to the campaign against terrorism in the context of the war in Yemen; no more no less. The duration of this temporary facility is limited to the regionally sanctioned operations currently underway.”

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  1. It is usual for the brutal regime to deny everything which is not beneficial for it. It will even deny a natural phenomenon if it stands against its advantage. The regime even claims that there are no political prisoners in Eritrea.


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