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Key Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 leader says good riddance to the movement

Neamin Zeleke disclosed yesterday that he has left Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 movement following disagreement with the party. No personal issues with any one of the party leadership, he said.

Neamin Zeleke _ Arbegnoch Ginbot 7_
Neamin Zeleke

March 19,2019

Neamin Zeleke was one of the top leaders of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 movement for many years.

Those who know him closely describe him as a selfless man who put the cause of Ethiopia first. His life and his family was a matter of secondary concern.

The movement he served with dedication, he even travelled to Eritrea in the service of it, is no more outlawed and is no longer based outside of Ethiopia for its name is crossed off the lists of terrorist organizations that the Ethiopian parliament announced sometime in 2009.

Yesterday, ESAT, US-based Ethiopian News broadcaster whom Neamin once served as an executive director reported that Neamin Zeleke has announced his resignation from the movement.

Neamin has confirmed the news today that he is no longer with the party.

The reason?

He has a difference with the party regarding the way demobilized former rebel forces are handled. He said, “the party did not honor its pledge to reintegrate and support former armed forces of the organization who were based in Eritrea, and that the issue is tormenting his conscience.”

Neamin is currently in the United States.

The movement which has now become a party, by forming alliances with other opposition groups in the country, has not yet issued an official statement regarding the development.

Individuals like Abebe Gelaw who is presumed to be a key supporter of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 movement and was also executive director of ESAT, wrote a social media update on Tuesday following news of the resignation of Nemain. Abebe says “The organization needs to resolve the issue that caused Neamin to leave the party.”

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