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Gedu Adargachew’s farewell speech [must watch]

March 8,2018

Gedu Andargachew resigned today as president of Amahra regional state and Ambachew Mekonen (Dr.) is sworn in as teh next president of the region.

Gedu has made a noteworthy farewell speech in which he talked about economic and social development changes under his leadership.

He also talked about existing challenges the region and the country is facing. The relation between Amhara and Tigray is one of the top issued that he discussed in his speech. He blamed what he called deep rooted Anti-Amhara leadership in the region and also radical in Amhara region for the erosion of trust and brotherly relation between the two people. He also talked about the importance of forging alliances with the rest of Ethiopians. Watch his video.

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