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EthioTelecom giveaway 70,000 mobile phones for women on March 8

Number of women users of mobile phones is said to be lower than that of men across the country.

EthioTeklecom _ phone giveaway _ Fortune
Photo source : Addis Fortune

March 8,2019

Ethiopia’s state owned Telecom giant, EthioTelecom, is giving away 70,000 mobile phone for International Women Day celebration, according to Addis Ababa based business news provider, AddisFortune.

Rural women who can not afford a mobile phone are selected for the giveaway. Beneficiaries are selected from 846 districts across the country.

Each handset cost about 720 Ethiopian Birr. The phone will be given away with a sim card and a 15 birr airtime credit. The state owned company will be spending 50.4 million Ethiopian birr.

The motive behind the generous giveaway is “to encourage women’s participation in the economy,social life and technology…,” Addis Fortune reported citing Mr. Aklilu, executive director at EthioTelecom.

Last year, EthioTelecom gave away 15,000 phones to its permanent employees which cost the company well over 100 million Ethiopian Birr.

It is one of the few profitable state-owned companies. In the first half of the current fiscal year, it generated 16.7 billion birr in revenue.

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