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Wolkait Identity Question Committee pleading for Federal gov.t intervention

Colonel Demeke Zewdu and Gebeyaw Lakew say government need to intervene in Wolkait to avoid further democratic and human rights abuse of citizen, and to avert expansion of security problem to other areas in the region.

Wolkait Committee _ Ethiopia
Colonel Demeke Zewdu (left) and Gebeyaw Lakew (Right)
Photo : screenshot from AMMA video

March 3,2019

Wolkait Identity Question Committee members are pleading for Federal government intervention in Wolkait to protect citizens from rights abuse, Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) reported on Friday this week.

Their call came after reported human rights abuse on youth groups in Dansha where at least one man was killed last week.

Colonel Demeke Zewudu, Chair of Wolkait Identity Commission, and Gebeyaw Lakew, Executive member of the committee, say, as reported by AMMA, citizens in the region are subjected to democratic and human rights violations in addition to restrictions on their freedom of movement and right to work as granted in the constitution.

Further explaining the situation, they told AMMA that ethnic Tigreans are attacking those whose vehicle’s plate number is from Amhara. At times their vehicles are detained, according to the executives of the committee members.

As well, they stated that people in the region are “dying and being displaced.” Residents in Dansha are fleeing for fear of renewed violence.

Despite the loss of life due to violence, there has not been any response from the Federal government so far – according to the committee members.

“Before the crisis [security] spreads to another area, the Federal government needs to intervene in a timely manner without wasting any more time,” pleaded executives of the committee members.

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