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Bole District employee fired for sharing information to media reportedly reinstated

Gas _ Addis Ababa
February 7,2019

Bole District 1 employee who was reportedly fired for speaking to Sheger FM radio regarding illegal distribution of over three thousand identification cards to individuals, who are said to be not residents of the district, is not losing her job.

She is identified as Senayit Tadege.

Seemingly after the news caused outrage in social media, acting Mayor of Addis Ababa city, Takele Uma reportedly ordered that she be reinstated to her job.

According to information shared by some Ethiopians on facebook, Takele removed heads of Bole District 1 for firing Senayt for sharing information. The story is not however published by local news outlets at the time this report was published.

Residents of Addis Ababa seem to highly alert following reported attempts in different woreda offices in Addis Ababa to distribute identity cards illegally to individuals who are not residents in the city. The belief is that moves such are these are meant to change the demographic composition of the city.

Radical and radicalizing Oromo ethno-nationalists openly claim that Addis Ababa, the seat of numerous international organization and exceptionally multicultural in Ethiopia, belongs to ethnic Oromo who are said to be only about 10 percent of the population.

Jawar Mohammed, Minnesota based activists and director of OMN, caused controversy this week after he claimed that he can mobilize Oromo youth to get Addis Ababa by force or peacefully.

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