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PM Abiy Ahmed calls for unity within the opposition quarter

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed presented on the political culture of Ethiopia ; he called for unity within the opposition quarter

Abiy Ahmed _ Ethiopia
Photo credit : Office of the Prime Minister

February 2,2018

A day after appearance at the Ethiopian parliament where he addressed numerous questions from people’s representatives, Prime Ministe Abiy Ahmed met in Addis Ababa today with main opposition party leaders.

Opposition parties, unlike the case in the past, were involved in the preparation of the forum. One of the coordinator’s of the today’s discussion forum, Yeshiwas Assefa, who has been serving Semayawi party chairman – a party that is now merged with Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 – , said that one of the purpose of the forum is to get familiar to the idea of peaceful political transition.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed presented a paper on the political culture of Ethiopia during the forum. He called on opposition parties to narrow their differences and work together in the interest of building democratic system in the Ethiopia. This is for the second time for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to meet with opposition party leaders.

In his eyes, building strong democratic culture in Ethiopia requires inclusiveness in the political space, building trust and working together and supporting the government.

He also had a message for the generation. He highlighted what he thinks are positive aspects of Ethiopian political culture emanating from long history of statehood,piety for the cause of justice and diversity as an ideals that the new generation need to develop further.

Abiy Ahmed came to power with the flagship idea of “medemer” – an idea that is within the province of the concept of unity. The idea rather sounds antagonistic to the very ideology the party he leads,EPRDF, has been adhering to for over 28 years. Most Ethiopians are calling an end to ethnic-based politics which is given supportive administrative structure.

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