Mindaralew Zewde : A university professor who was reduced to a farmer

January 24,2019

Mindaralew Zewde was a philosophy lecturer at Addis Ababa University. Soon after TPLF forces took over government in Addis Ababa, about 43 University lecturers were unlawfully dismissed from their tenure on grounds of politics. Mindaralew was one of them. Worse, Mindaralew was even unable to get employment in not-for-profit sector and/or diplomatic missions in Addis Ababa due to what seemed to be, based on his assertions, government intervention in the organization that hired him.

Left with no option but for self-employment, he resorted to becoming a farmer to get his livelihood in the parts of Ethiopia where he was born and grew up. Watch the video.

Video credit : Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation

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