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Tigray regional state to hold a meeting next week

TPLF- Mekelle - capital of Tigray regional state
Mekelle, seat of TPLF government in Tigray

January 19,2019

Tigray regional state is poised to have a meeting next week. The purpose is to evaluate and approve six months performance report, according to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC).

The meeting which is said to be the 14th regular session of the 5th year term of the regional council, is expected to approve legislation related to free social programs to vulnerable sections of the society including children and those who are Abled Differently.

The ruling coalition, EPRDF, executive committee completed its meeting yesterday and the statement it issued after the meeting in which it unveiled lack of unity of thought and action within the coalition.

Influential Tigray People’s Liberation Front leaders have been crying foul over the reform measures undertaken by prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration.

For leaders like Sebhat Nega,who is essentially the ideologue and one of the founders of the party, ongoing change in Ethiopia is divorced from “revolutionary democracy” ideology and “Developmental State” principles. He even went to the extent of saying that he is not sure if EPRDF is alive or not.

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  1. Dear Borkena,

    Do not TPLF and TIgrai for everything. OPDO and ANDM betrayed TPLF and decided to work with USA and Arabs. The reform could have done as set out in the EPRDF platform. But OPDO and ANDM became soldiers to foreign countries interest. Abiy disregarded TPLF and he listened to CIA . They told him he has to eliminate TPLF? Which is impossible and does not benefit Ethiopia and Ethiopians. But Abiy is naive, stupid. All he understand is he supported by CIA and his children taken care of by USA. You know Abiy bought a house for 6 million dollars in USA in Colorado? I thought Ethiopians wanted democracy? not another broad-day light thief who sell Ethiopians on broad-day light to benefit his family. His children are in USA. He is also spending 1 million dollars to renovate the Arat kilo palace while 4 million displaced by him and living in camps? I opposed TPLF for 30 years? but I have no choice but to join TPLF and help it to be better. Abiy and blind Amhara elites hates destroyed our vision for Ethiopia. We have changed now 100%. We do not want Ethiopia anymore. We will restore our Axumite Kingdom. We do not need America or Arabs or Abiy. We are done now.We feel sorry for the poor Amhara who live in darkness because of Nephetegnea. If we do well alone, we will come back to help our people Amhara. For now, we are capable of marshaling our destiny without anyone. When TIgreans conquered the middle east, they were 0.5 million? Today we are 14 million. We can change even Africa, not only TIgrai. Amhara elites were crying for 27 years? but all they wanted is to take us back to the old barbaric system. It does not make sense. We will never again take red terror, famine, diseases, backwardness. Let Abiy enjoy the anarchy he created with his Lemma and Gedu team. OPDO and ANDM openly said they were working for 27 years against EPRDF ? Receiving free salary and hiding themselves as EPRDF? This is means all the achievements were done by TPLF because ANDM and OPDO were not working but conspiring and getting paid for free? Do you think any TIgreans can accept this dishonestly? Borkena, if Gedu , Demeke, Lemma, Abiy, … were real men ? They could have to come to power by being truthful and honest via the EPRDF platform by challenging TPLF boldly instead of selling the country to CIA and Arabs. Alas, human stupid. Tigrai is the most place on earth to use Felix Holmes view . Felix said Tigrai is globally peaceful. The Amhara elites and Oromo elites are welcome to do whatever they wanted with their people until the people reject them by seeing their work and results. I am proud TPLF did fight war , it is just left to Mekelle and started working for the people in TIgrai which they deserved. 70 000 Tigreans are expelled from Amhara region? About 1000 killed and properties worth of millions of dollars burnt and looted? If these happened to Amhara? You would have deafened us . But now you wanted us to join you? to join your fake Medemer? what is medemer? No idea, people are not numbers. You can not add people because people are not objects. Anyways, guys enjoy your change of anarchy, lawless, war, displacement, murder, selling your country to Egypt and USA. We will stand out as we are doing. Attack on our people can only make us stronger and determined.It is a blessing in disguise . TPFL has now 100% support and 0 % Abiy support. TPLF is stronger than ever it was before. It never had this support in its entire history. Abiy listen to CIA, but CIA do not know anything about TIgreans zeal.

  2. The comment is so bizarre. It’s all over the place. It’s either a propaganda or uneducated and ill informed. You only feel that way because of these perceived enemies you listed above. Once the dust settles you will be left with thieves and torture experts. I wonder who their next target is. Is there any opposition to TPLF in Tigrai? I bet there is no room for more than one party. You wonder why? We saw how you treated that poor guy from Arena. Yep, go ahead and scare the daylight out of the Tigrian people of the boogie man. Eventually they will wake up and see that they were left behind.

    By the way, you mentioned that you wanted a divorce from Ethiopia. What exactly do you contribute to the rest of Ethiopia? Borrowing money from China and pocketing part of it is not contributing. You can’t even borrow money on your own unless you sell your soul. Rocks are not gold.

    It’s a bit reach you call Abiy a thief. The person who is robbed in a broad day light is never called a robber. May be only in Tigirai. There is a wise Amharic saying ‘yeleba ayne dereq meleso lib yadriq’ Isn’t your moses Meles who stated that two things he could not understand were Amahars Teret and Oromos budget? May be you don’t either. Good riddance!


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