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Ashagre Yegletu on the last days of Derg and how Mengistu left the country

January 17,2018

In part three of an interview with Sisay Agena (ESAT), Dr. Ashagre Yegletu recounts how colonel Mengistu Hailemariam left the country and TPLF entered the capital Addis Ababa.

There seem to be no definitive indicator if Colonel Mengistu made arrangements for himself to leave for Zimbabwe. Yet, some of the situations that Ashagre Yegletu recalls rather seem to suggest there was perhaps an arrangement. Colonel Mengistu had his say on this matter before and he sounded like he did not know how he finds himself in Kenya.

In any case, Dr. Ashagre Yegletu’s narration on the situation in the last days of Derg is certainly one relevant resource on the subject.

Cover Photo : screenshot from Video.

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  1. ESAT finds it extremely hard to become a non-partisan outlet because of its ethnic make up and outlook. Can it also honor Red Terror victims of fascist Derg by discussing their stories? Mengistu was an inept, opportunist tyrant who imposed a failed alien ideology to cheaply assume state power. Pathetic!


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