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Construction Contractors in Addis Ababa to face tougher City bylaws

Is Takele Uma’s new bylaw to regulate contractors in Addis Ababa a little far fetched?

City bylaws  _ Addis Ababa
Photo ( AAC)

January 12,2019

Construction Contractors working on government projects in the City of Addis Ababa are poised to face tougher regulatory measures from the administration.

According to the new regulation, yet to be implemented, those contractors who can to catch up with project delivery time will get their project cancelled and they will not also be allowed to apply for any other government project in the city.

Addis Ababa’s acting Mayor, Takele Uma, ordered the city’s chief auditor to submit report on implementation of one going construction projects in the city. And he wants it in the next three weeks.

Following an evaluation based on submitted reported, Contractors who have not completed their project based on project agreement and within the time frame will get their contracts cancelled and their names added to list of contractors who can not have project work in the city.

The decision is allegedly informed by additional project cost due to delay in project completion and delivery.

It is unclear if there are exceptions to the regulation. For example, it is not clear if projects will get cancelled if the contractor is unable to deliver it due to a range of emergencies natural or otherwise. Also, the impact of such a regulation on the quality of work does not seem to be given due consideration.

What is clear is the City could now cancel projects in no time although it is not clear how desirable it is and whether it will be executed free from political affiliations and considerations.

One major change in the new monitoring practice, according to report by the state media – ENA, is that government offices under the city administration that own the project will no longer monitor the project. It will be the Construction Division of the city that will monitor projects, apparently on their behalf, in the City of Addis Ababa.

The changes were disclosed during a meeting with Contractors today at Elilly International Hotel in the capital Addis Ababa.
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