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Uganda investigating Ethiopian Airlines plane runway overshot

Ethiopian Airlines Plane runway overshot is under investigation, says Uganda.

Ethiopian Airlines _ Moscow

January 4,2019

Uganda’s Minister of Works and Transport, Monica Azuba, reportedly named a team to investigate an incident involving Ethiopian Airlines plane runway overshot.

According to a Ugandan news source, New Vision, the team is tasked to investigate the condition that led a poor landing.

The report added that the team is intending to release a comprehensive report as soon as investigations are completed.

“Preliminary findings indicate that the plane slightly missed a touchline due to an air-pocket, hence skidding off the runway but the pilot was able to catch up,” noted Hon. Azuba, as reported by New Vision.

As well, the report quoted Dr. David Kakuba, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) – Uganda managing director, who said that International flights including from Turkish Airlines, Kenyan Airways, Egypt Air and Rwandan Air were affected by the situation.

The incident happened on Wednesday night at Entebbe international airport, Uganda’s busiest airport. Kampala bound Ethiopian Airlines plane – Boeing 737-800 was carrying 139 passengers. And there were no reports of injury or damage to the plane.

On January 3, Ethiopian Airlines issued a press release saying “Passengers and crew were safely deplaned and were taken to the terminal and cleared normally through the regular clearance process. There is no damage to the aircraft and it is being towed to the ramp.”

The airlines also announced that it provided passengers with alternative flights and rebooked those who were booked to travel from Entebbe to Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa.

This is for a second time for Ethiopian Airlines to experience ramp incident in less than a month. On December 19, 2018, Ethiopian Airlines plane B787-900 experienced a minor accident during the course of “taxing for de-icing” before take off at Oslo International Airport.

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  1. Is this a hint of Nature on the climax of the famous world-wide known ETHIOPIAN Airlines, justifiably the pride of Africa for its admirable service for some SEVENTY YEARS [I stand to be corrected on the Age]. Heaven Forbids!!! It goes without saying that it behooves upon the top Management echelon to take VERY SPECIAL and URGENT attention to REVIEW the OPERATION of the AIRLINE from many OPERATIONAL ANGLES, affecting the AIRLINE, with a basic question of >>> ‘WHAT IS WRONG IN ITS ENTIRE ENVIRONMENT’???
    Please take the above as a caring comment.

  2. Dear Manager,
    Yesterday, 24 hours ago, I submitted a short commentary on the News Item. After a few minutes, I was of course delighted to see my commentary. But, to my utter amazement I saw my commentary disappearing from the screen!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes !!!
    NOW, I am NEITHER writing to complain about the decision to delete my commentary, NOR asking for it to be reinstituted. Needless to say, it is Mangers’ prerogative [a MUST] to make the decision – one way or the other. What I want to assure you is this >>> my submission was not intended out of malice but out of good will and admiration for Ethiopian Airlines as I indeed expressed it in my last line of my commentary. So, to reiterate again, it was NOT my intention to abuse the privilege of commentary but to give CRITICAL outlook for the benefit of the recipient — out of good intention.
    Dear Manager. I want to make abundantly clear: I am NOT asking for my commentary to be re-instituted. I can see the ‘cautious wisdom’ [ remote possibility] of not having such critic under the specific title of the subject matter. Just a hunch.


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